Townsville Port is a bustling gateway to the tropical north of Queensland, Australia. The port is a vital hub for industry and commerce, handling a range of cargo, from sugar and minerals to vehicles and machinery. Visitors can explore the town's rich cultural heritage, including the iconic Castle Hill lookout, the award-winning Museum of Tropical Queensland, and the historic Jezzine Barracks precinct. With its tropical climate, stunning natural scenery, and vibrant community, Townsville Port is the perfect destination for adventure and relaxation in the heart of tropical North Queensland.

Townsville is located in northeastern Australia. The city is located in the state of Queensland, about 1.3 thousand kilometers from its capital Brisbane.



Due to its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, there is a center for the study of these amazing living organisms. Tourists should visit the large tropical aquarium, which collected representatives of flora and fauna of the Great Barrier Reef. Near the city is Magnetic Island.

Here created a truly heavenly environment for its flora and fauna - more than half of the island under the national park Magnetic Island. Here you can see koalas, and near the island to swim underwater with a variety of fish. There are also historic forts left over from World War II. The highest point of the island is Mount Cook, nearly 500 meters high.

According to Aboriginal legend, a giant snake named Wulguru once roamed the lands surrounding the Port of Townsville. Wulguru was believed to be a protector of the land, and the traditional owners of the area paid respect to the snake through various ceremonies and rituals.

One day, a group of strangers arrived in the area, seeking to take over the land and use its resources for their own gain. Wulguru, sensing a threat to the land and its people, rose up from the earth and attacked the strangers, causing great chaos and destruction.

Despite their weapons and technology, the strangers were no match for Wulguru's power and were ultimately forced to retreat. From that day on, the traditional owners of the land saw Wulguru as a symbol of strength and protection, and the snake remains an important figure in their culture to this day.

Some believe that Wulguru still watches over the Port of Townsville, ensuring that it remains a place of safety and prosperity for those who respect and honor the land.