Port Macquarie is a charming coastal town located on the mid-north coast of New South Wales, Australia. The town's picturesque port is a hub for recreational boating and fishing, offering easy access to the sparkling waters of the Hastings River and beyond. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities, from exploring the town's colonial history and vibrant arts scene to discovering the stunning beaches and natural beauty of the surrounding region. Whether you're looking for relaxation or adventure, Port Macquarie Port is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Port Macquarie, known for its expansive beaches, waterways and great places to swim and surf, is an attractive stopover on the road between Sydney and Brisbane.


The fine food and wine make you want to stay longer.

According to Aboriginal Dreamtime legend, Port Macquarie was once a peaceful and prosperous land ruled by the powerful serpent Ngami. Ngami had a magical pearl that brought fertility to the land and ensured that the waters were always full of fish.

One day, a group of outsiders arrived and disturbed the peace of the land. They took the pearl and left Ngami powerless. The land dried up and the fish disappeared, leading to a time of famine and suffering.

The people of Port Macquarie sought the help of a wise woman who lived in the mountains. She taught them how to perform a ceremony to appease Ngami and regain his favor. The ceremony involved singing and dancing around a fire, and offering gifts to Ngami.

The people followed the wise woman's instructions, and Ngami was pleased. He returned the pearl to them, and the land once again became fertile and prosperous. From that day on, the people of Port Macquarie performed the ceremony every year to ensure that Ngami remained content and the land remained fruitful.

To this day, the annual Ngami festival is celebrated in Port Macquarie, as a way of honoring the serpent and the ancient traditions of the land.