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The fact is that just recently the program of yoga retreats on board RUNNING ON WAVES has earned a worthy place in the TOP 10 ranking of Dazzling Yoga Retreats in Greece 2023 according to!

This is a great compilation from insiders for yoga connoisseurs, listing the most exciting, comfortable, friendly and inspiring islands and retreats for classes that make you feel free from hustle and bustle. 


What makes RUNNING ON WAVES unique in this ranking is that this "floating retreat" includes multiple of the most beautiful islands at once, luxury yacht accommodations and full deluxe service.



By the way, you can check for yourself how fair the rating is on one of our future retreats: the Peloponnesus Cruise. Yoga Retreat Plus and Aegean Cruise. Yoga retreat plus.

This program is inspired by you and our partners who never stop seeking out the beauty and grace of the world. 


Thank you!

  • Greece
  • Running on Waves (Sailing cruise ship, Motor sailor, Tall ship, Sailing yacht)
  • 839.6 Kilometers / 521.5 Miles
  • Mainland port Island Popular Nightlife Greenery
  • On this voyage you will be taken a bit off the beaten track, and what breathtaking discoveries await you there! Homer’s birthplace - the Mastic island; the most male island, too; the fountain town… And you will get to know the style of life in one of only five world’s Blue Zones.
  • Greece
  • Running on Waves (Sailing cruise ship, Motor sailor, Tall ship, Sailing yacht)
  • 980.4 Kilometers / 609.4 Miles
  • Mainland port Island Town Village Greenery Popular City
  • The place where Paris and Elena were first coupled together attracts poetic souls and gives wide flight for imagination. The kingdom of Nestor, legendary Sparta and Mistras revive history. And you will definitely remember the Gibraltar of the East.