Losinj island is a popular tourist destination due to the great combination of mild Mediterranean climate, splendid beaches, magnificent mountains, rich culture and relaxing, charming atmosphere. The first mentions of the island dates back to the 12th century when the first Croatian inhabitants came there and established a settlement. By the 19th century, the town of Mali Losinj became one of the most important ports in the Adriatic sea and. During the same period, Mali Losinj started to develop as a tourist spot for the rich, especially as spa and medical tourism resort. The beautiful Mali Losinj island is nicknamed the island of Vitality and for a good reason: fragrant pine forests, soft breeze and sunny weather, rich flora and fauna are a perfect combination for people who want to relax from the stress and turbulence of modern lifestyle and restore their mind and body.


Take a walk around the largest city on the island is Mali Losinj, situated at the charmingly beautiful harbor and is surrounded by verdant hills.

Marvel at the rich collection of artifacts at the Museum of Apoxyomenos. The jewel of the collection is the bronze statue of Apoxyomenus made more than 2000 years ago and found in 1996.

Visit St, Martin Church and stroll around the old graveyard.

Admire the beautiful baroque Church of the Nativity of the Virgin and its ornate frescos and relics.

Go to Veli Losinj town on the southern part of the island and fall in love with the ambience of a traditional fishing village. Stroll around the narrow streets with many lovely gardens and forget about your problems.

Go dolphin watching at Institute of Marine Research and Protection in Veli Losinj.

Go hiking or rent a bicycle and set for an adventure on one of the many footpaths and promenades of Losinj. Get up to the peak of Televrin (588 m) and enjoy the spectacular view over the island or take a walk along the path Mali Losinj to Cikat through the beautiful Cikat Forest Park.

Study the rich maritime heritage of the island at the annual Losinj Sail Around festival.

Losinj island has a variety of beautiful beaches:

  • Veli Zal beach is one of the most beautiful pebbly beaches and offers crystal clear waters and shade in the nearby pine forest.
  • Borik beach is pebbly and offers easy access to the sea, which makes it perfect for the travelers with children.
  • Cikat bay beach is sandy and is surrounded by thick pine forest.
  • Zabodarski beach is not very easy to access but offers calamity and relaxation at its sandy/pebble shore.
  • Sunbathe and try various watersport activities at Hotel Punta beach in Veli Losinj.
  • Rovenska beach near Veli Losinj is a gravel beach perfect for all ages due to easy access to the sea and shadowy side near the pine forest.

Food and drinks

Savor the best traditional recipes at the famous Za Kantuni restaurant near the seafront in Mali Losinj.

Try the most sophisticated dishes at the elegant and modern Alfred Keller restaurant that is included in the Michelin guide.

Go for skampi shrimps and freshest fish at Konoba Hajduk.

Enjoy the turquoise marine views and try home made pasta and specialties at Bora Bar, Mol or Gastronomica Marina in Veli Losinj.

Sip some wine and socialize in Wine & Champagne Bar Augusta or have a beer at Kefi Pub.

Losinj island belongs to the archipelago known throughout the ancient Greek period under the name of Apsytrides and is connected to the Greek hero Apsytrus, the son of a Colchian king Eta. Apsyrtus’s sister Medea fell in love with Jason. Medea and Jason and the Argonauts decided to steal the Golden Fleece that belonged to the mighty king Eta. Apsyrtus wanted to get the Golden Fleece back, but Medea tricked him. He was killed and thrown in the sea and his body formed the Apsytrides archipelago.