Nestled on a remote island in the Adriatic Sea, Lastovo port offers a peaceful retreat for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. The port′s crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving, allowing visitors to explore the vibrant marine life and stunning underwater landscapes. In addition, Lastovo Island is home to a nature park, which boasts breathtaking views of the surrounding islands and offers opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and sightseeing. With its serene ambiance and unspoiled nature, Lastovo port is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

Explore Lastovo town built  mainly from the 15th and 16th centuries. Enjoy the "trade marks": high broad terraces and unusual cylindrical chimneys that the locals call fumari.

The Struga lighthouse is 30 meters tall and is positioned 90 meters above sea level at the very edge of a steep cliff which provides a breathtaking view of the open sea.

Visit island’s main church - Saint Cosmas and Damian Church, renovated and extended in the 15th century.

Diving here is one of the best in Europe. Try these spots: islet Bijelac – underwater passage through the island, islet Tajan – underwater cave, cape Struga.

Get adventurous and go cycling or hiking. Lastovo is perfect for it: lots of special routes, untouched nature definitely off the beaten track.

Take a boat to Saplun beach. It is the only sandy beach in the archipelago.

All beaches in Lastovo are clear and surrounded by pine trees. Try a few beaches by Skrivena Luka on the south of the island that are shallow, pebble beaches good for children.

Nestled on the southern edge of Croatia, the picturesque island of Lastovo boasts a rich history steeped in legend and myth. One of the most intriguing tales centers around the island's namesake, the mythical hero Lastovo.


Legend has it that Lastovo was a brave warrior who arrived on the island with a mission to defend the local people from the attacks of the dreaded pirates who terrorized the coast. With his sharp wit and fearless courage, Lastovo quickly became a local hero, known for his daring escapades and his cunning strategies to outwit the pirates.


One day, as Lastovo was exploring the island's rugged coastline, he stumbled upon a hidden cave. As he entered, he was amazed to find that it was filled with precious treasure, including gold coins, jewels, and artifacts of great value. Overcome with greed, Lastovo began filling his pockets with as much treasure as he could carry.


But as he made his way back to the shore, he was ambushed by a band of pirates, who had been tipped off about the treasure by a jealous rival. In the ensuing battle, Lastovo was mortally wounded, but he managed to hide the treasure in a secret location before he died.


To this day, the people of Lastovo believe that the treasure still lies hidden somewhere on the island, waiting to be discovered by a brave adventurer. And some say that on quiet nights, the ghost of Lastovo can be seen wandering the coastline, searching for his lost treasure.


As you sail into the port of Lastovo, you can't help but feel the magic of this ancient legend, which has been passed down from generation to generation. And who knows? Maybe you'll be the one to uncover the hidden treasure and unlock the secrets of Lastovo's mystical past.

Running on Waves

A three-mast sailing vessel, rigging type – barquentine. With the length of 64 metres, she is one of the biggest sailing yachts in the world. Unique superyacht designed to provide amazing experience for its guests.


  • Sailing countries: Croatia Croatia Montenegro Montenegro ...and other
  • Max guests: 36
  • Number of cabins: 19
  • Length over all: 48,17 m
  • Cruising speed: 9 knots

Discover charming Croatian coastline and islands on brand new De Luxe Superior yacht that had her maiden voyage in July 2019.

Indulge all your senses, explore inspiring destinations, fishermen’s villages and small and cosy restaurants on shore for tasting local Mediterranean cuisine and nightlife.


  • Sailing countries: Croatia Croatia Montenegro Montenegro ...and other
  • Max guests: 40
  • Number of cabins: 19
  • Length over all: 49 m
  • Cruising speed: 9 knots


Constructed to comply with the newest European cruise ship standards, M/S OSCAR is a part of our growing and versatile fleet of small cruise ships. M/S OSCAR is a luxury yacht made to satisfy your refined cruise expectations, featuring state-of-the-art navigation and safety systems, fully equipped comfortable air-conditioned cabins with private facilities, Wi-Fi, restaurant, bar, sun deck, elegance rooftop Jacuzzi, swimming platform and much else.


  • Sailing countries: Croatia Croatia ...and other
  • Max guests: 12
  • Number of cabins: 6
  • Length over all: 48.00m
  • Cruising speed: 8.5 knots

S/Y Corsario was designed to provide luxury, elegance and above all adventure through

Adriatic sea in the best possible way. Its' mix of extraordinary tall ship exterior and modern interior makes it one of a kind.

Built by Radež – Blato in 2019, a small shipyard in Croatia (EU) specialized in delivering small yachts & boats, S/Y Corsario is 48 meters long yacht that guarantees utmost luxury followed by local story behind it. Her impresive & spacious cabins, numerous amenities, multiple outside lounges and custom-made design will fulfill every client’s wishes.

S/Y Corsario delivers for passionate sea lovers, yacht enthusiasts, sun seeking adventurers and relaxation chasers.

Lupus Mare

  • Sailing countries: Croatia Croatia ...and other
  • Max guests: 32
  • Number of cabins: 14
  • Length over all: 43m
  • Cruising speed: 9 knots

LUPUS MARE is a 43m long yacht, designed for providing adventurous cruising experience and offering top-notch service to all those in search of a stunning getaway along the Adriatic coast. Hosting up to 32 guests, the yacht consists of 14 modern en-suite cabins, cosy interiors and large outside spaces with numerous amenities, managed by a skilled 10-crew team.

Our approach is to go beyond and above – from impeccable swimming stops where our captain takes you to, fresh & local ingredients (e.g. freshly caught fish by our crew) used in our cuisine, to the warmth of our service team who do their best to make you feel like at home. Lupus Mare is ideal for groups over 12 people who seek an extraordinary experience surrounded by crystal clear waters and thousands of mesmerizing islands.

Our yacht was built in 2011 by Brodosplit d.d. shipyard. Our A-yachts team bought her in 2018 and did an extensive refit in 2018 & 2022. From interior works to modernising technical aspects of the yacht, Lupus Mare is one of the finest yacht in the Adriatic these days.


  • Sailing countries: Croatia Croatia ...and other

Adriatic Blue

  • Sailing countries: Croatia Croatia ...and other