This vibrant port offers various activities to enjoy, such as exploring the nearby Blue Cave or the secluded Stiniva Bay, tasting fresh seafood in local taverns, or taking a relaxing stroll along the scenic waterfront promenade. With its idyllic location and plenty of things to see and do, Komiza is a must-visit destination on any Croatian cruise itinerary

Komiža is a charming old town grown from a fishing village with cobblestone streets that zig-zag their way through art galleries, bohemian clothing stores, and open-air cafes.

The Blue cave (Plava) is located on Bisevo island. It has two entrances. One is for boats. The other entrance is below sea level, and the sunlight penetrates through it. Around noon, while the sea is calm, the sun-rays enter through an undersea opening into the Blue Cave and illuminate the cave with blue and objects in water with silver color.

Komiza town has always been proud of the fisherman’s history. This long history has been displayed in the Fisherman’s museum located at the Kastel, a sixteenth century Venetian fortress built in the Renaissance style, on the harbor promenade (riva).

Enjoy wreck diving (Wrack Teti, Wrack Vassilios, Wrack Fortunal and many others spots and flora&fauna diving, like Monk-seal cave, Green cave, Outer rock, and Inner rock). Particularly interesting is the so called Host diving spot with numerous amphorae.

Or opt for Bisevo Blue Cave diving – Due to the cave’s shallow depth and underwater opening, it is suitable for all kinds of divers, as it is 3 – 20 meters deep.

Hike on Mount Hum for best views and visit a Tito’s Cave there. 

In the small fishing village of Komiza, nestled on the rugged coastline of the island of Vis, there is a story passed down through generations of fishermen and their families. It is said that the village is home to a mysterious creature that inhabits the waters surrounding the port.

The legend tells of a beautiful mermaid who would lure fishermen out to sea with her enchanting songs. She would lead them to a hidden underwater cave filled with treasures beyond their wildest dreams. But once the fishermen had taken their fill, the mermaid would trap them in the cave forever, never to return to the surface world.

Many sailors have claimed to have seen her shimmering form, but none have ever returned from the fabled cave. Some say that the mermaid is a vengeful spirit, punishing those who take too much from the sea. Others believe that she is simply guarding her treasure, waiting for a worthy soul to claim it and prove themselves to be truly virtuous.

Despite the dangers, fishermen still brave the waters around Komiza, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mermaid and perhaps even uncover her secrets. It is a reminder that the sea, while a source of life and abundance, can also be a place of mystery and danger, full of stories and legends waiting to be discovered.