"RUNNING ON WAVES — is a beautiful sailboat..."

And it's not just our words: see what our dear bloggers who have been with us on several of our voyages write about us



It's a great opportunity to listen to the opinions of experienced travelers, check out their pages and learn a lot of interesting things. Specifically this is a compilation of travels in Greece, but RUNNING ON WAVES has the ability to sail around the world, which is what we will soon be doing on our planned round-the-world voyage.

Here are some of our dear guests and links to their opinions on the ship


  • Anna Kloots is all about style and lifestyle. Her work consists of several corresponding lines of work, and her publications involve a great deal of communication with the audience. About RUNNING ON WAVES





Eric Stoen, Ellie, aka the Ginger Wanderlus, Martin Solhaugen, Taylor Taverna, Callia Mexi and many others — are our good friends, and we're sure you'll enjoy their articles and their unusual perspective on travel!