Theme groups

Corporate groups, teambuilding and quests

What you will get

EmbarQ platform and its partners will make sure you get to construct and realize any theme trip you like.

Events, lectures, seminars

Your employees get to go for an exciting adventure together and get stronger as a team


We make sure you can choose ships and yachts with media equipment and enough space for any professional or casual event of your liking

Sport clubs

Be it golf or Ancient Greek ruins - you will find likeminders, a route and spots for your favorite hobby

Historic Tours

Assemble a tour of finest restaurants with exquisite cuisine reminiscnet of local culture

Gourmet Tours

Tailored meals, wine and cigare tasting, both onboard and onland


Capture and cherish the moments of your lifestyle. Cover best night clubs or take snapshots of the most picturesque natural wonders


We want you to be able to enjoy any watersport that you love. Near the ship and at the beaches


Explore the sea yourself, or visit masters of any craft.

Music performances onboard

Appreciate and learn from best artistic talents

Workshop Tours