Theme events

What services you get from us and our partners

EmbarQ Team and our partners will help you at each step of your journey: when you plan it and also help you organize and order your activities

Planning and scheduling

Embarq and our partners will provide you ships and opportunities to arrange official greetings, seminars, lectures, workshops, or cultural events of your choice onboard and on land


EmbarQ is an ecosystem. It is the place that unites tools, information, travelers and service providers. You choose each part of your journey, what comes with it and how


Wherever you choose to go, our platform will provide you options for yuor taste. Your schedule will be converted into an organized program

Onboard activities

Plan and go travel with us and get gifts from other brands, or get your brand known to our community of travelers


Integrate into our system and get access to our infrastructure adored by travel lovers and business professionals