Located on the southern coast of Turkey, Datca is a paradise of natural beauty, offering breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea and a range of activities to enjoy. From its picturesque beaches and coves to its ancient ruins, the area is rich in history and culture. For those looking to explore, there are plenty of historical sites, attractions and activities to enjoy, from kayaking and sailing to hiking and swimming. For a truly unique experience, take a boat trip to the hidden bays and coves that line the coastline or explore the area′s many villages and towns.

Located in the southwestern corner of Turkey, the Datcha Port is a beautiful destination that offers visitors a wide range of activities and attractions to explore. From the charming old town of Datca to the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Kargi, there is something for everyone in this picturesque corner of the Mediterranean.

One of the most popular activities in Datcha is to visit the old town of Datca, which is known for its traditional architecture and narrow streets lined with local stores and cafes. Visitors can stroll through the town and explore the many shops selling handmade crafts, textiles, and traditional foods, while taking in the local sights and sounds.

Another must-see attraction in Datcha is the ancient city of Knidos, which was once an important trading center in the region. Today, visitors can explore the well-preserved ruins of the city, including the beautiful amphitheater and the remains of the ancient harbor. The city also offers stunning views of the surrounding coastline and the nearby islands.

For those looking to relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun, the Bay of Kargi is a secluded and peaceful destination that offers crystal clear waters and stunning views. Surrounded by pine trees, the bay provides a quiet place to swim and sunbathe, away from the crowds of the more popular beaches in the region.

Wine lovers will also enjoy a visit to Datcha Vineyards, which is known for its delicious wine and offers a great opportunity to learn about the local winemaking process. Visitors can tour the vineyards and taste several varieties of wine, while learning about the history and culture of winemaking in the region.

The Datcha Peninsula Hike is a popular activity for those looking to explore the region's natural beauty. The scenic hike passes through olive groves, pine forests, and rocky hills, offering spectacular views of the coastline and the surrounding islands. Along the way, visitors can stop at local cafes and restaurants to sample the delicious regional cuisine.

The Datcha Port is a beautiful and diverse destination that offers visitors a wide range of activities and attractions. From the charming old town of Datca to the ancient city of Knidos, the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Kargi, the delicious wine of Datcha Vineyards, and the scenic beauty of the Datcha Peninsula Hike, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this picturesque corner of the Mediterranean.

According to legend, there was once a powerful king who ruled over the land surrounding Datca. He was a cruel and selfish ruler, and the people of his kingdom suffered under his tyranny. One day, a group of rebels rose up against the king, determined to overthrow his oppressive regime.


The king, sensing a threat to his power, called upon the gods for help. He prayed to Apollo, the god of prophecy, for guidance in defeating the rebels. In response, Apollo appeared to the king in the form of an eagle, telling him to build a massive fortress on a high cliff overlooking the sea. From this fortress, the king would be able to survey his kingdom and quell any rebellion before it could gain momentum.


The king followed Apollo's instructions and built the fortress, which he named the "Eagle's Nest." From this vantage point, he was able to keep a watchful eye on his subjects and maintain his grip on power.


But as the years passed, the people of Datca began to resent the king more and more. They longed for freedom and justice, and they knew that they would never find it as long as the king held sway over their lives.


In desperation, they turned to the goddess Athena, the protector of cities and civilizations. They prayed to her for deliverance from the king's tyranny, and in response, Athena appeared to them in a vision, telling them to seek out a hero who would be able to defeat the king and liberate their land.


The hero they found was a young man named Dorian, who had grown up in the shadow of the Eagle's Nest. He was brave and strong, with a heart full of righteous anger at the king's oppression.


Dorian led the rebellion against the king, fighting valiantly against his soldiers and eventually storming the Eagle's Nest itself. In a fierce battle, he defeated the king and seized control of the fortress.


From that day forward, the Eagle's Nest became a symbol of freedom and justice for the people of Datca. And even though the fortress lies in ruins today, its legacy lives on as a reminder of the power of myth and legend to inspire bravery and determination in the face of oppression.

Running on Waves

A three-mast sailing vessel, rigging type – barquentine. With the length of 64 metres, she is one of the biggest sailing yachts in the world. Unique superyacht designed to provide amazing experience for its guests.

Lady I

  • Sailing countries: Greece Greece Turkey Turkey ...and other
  • Max guests: 10
  • Number of cabins: 5
  • Length over all: 42.6m
  • Cruising speed: 13 knots

The 42.6m/139'9" motor yacht 'Lady I' by the Italian shipyard CRN offers flexible accommodation for up to 10 guests in 5 cabins and features interior styling by Italian designer Zuccon.

Motor yacht Lady I boasts a wealth of convivial spaces, perfect for luxury yacht charters with families of friends, offering ample opportunities to kick back and relax, or enjoy the water on the yacht's array of water toys, the choice is yours.