This is where you will find the largest collection of icebergs in Greenland, thousands of which are calving off the Jakobshavn Glacier.

Ilulissat, located on the west coast of Greenland, is a magical destination for those who love stunning natural landscapes. Home to the Ilulissat Icefjord, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this port offers breathtaking views of enormous icebergs floating in crystal-clear water. One of the world's most active glaciers, Sermeq Kujalleq, is also located here, and visitors can witness its awe-inspiring calving process. With plenty of hiking trails, boat tours, and dog-sledding adventures, Ilulissat is a must-see destination in Greenland.

Begin your adventure in Ilulissat by taking a boat tour of the Icefjord, where you'll witness the incredible beauty of icebergs, some of which are as tall as a 10-story building. Next, take a hike along the Arctic Circle Trail, which runs for 160 km between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut, or explore the town on foot, visiting local museums and galleries. During the winter months, try dog-sledding, snowmobiling, or cross-country skiing. Finally, finish your day by relaxing at a local restaurant, indulging in traditional Greenlandic cuisine such as reindeer, whale, or musk ox.

Long ago, in the land of the Inuit people, there was a great hunter named K'ajik. He was known throughout the land for his skill in tracking and hunting the most elusive prey. One day, while out hunting, he came across a beautiful woman sitting on a large iceberg. She was unlike any woman he had ever seen before, with long hair that flowed like the northern lights and eyes that shimmered like diamonds.

K'ajik was immediately entranced by her beauty and approached her cautiously. The woman smiled at him and told him that her name was Sedna, the goddess of the sea and all its creatures. K'ajik was amazed to be in the presence of such a powerful goddess, and he knew that he had to show her the proper respect.

Sedna and K'ajik talked for many hours, and K'ajik shared with her his love of hunting and the great joy he found in the beauty of the land. Sedna listened intently to his stories and was touched by his love for the earth. She decided to reward K'ajik by sharing with him her own special power.

Sedna reached out her hand and touched K'ajik's forehead, and suddenly he was filled with a new understanding of the land and its secrets. He could see the movements of the animals and the patterns of the weather like never before. With this new knowledge, K'ajik became an even greater hunter, and he was able to provide for his people like never before.

As a symbol of their friendship, Sedna gave K'ajik a beautiful piece of ice that she had carved herself. The ice was unlike any other ice in the world; it glowed with a magical light and had the power to heal the sick and injured. K'ajik treasured the ice and kept it with him always, and it became known throughout the land as the "Ice of Sedna."

Years passed, and K'ajik grew old and eventually passed away, but the Ice of Sedna remained. It was passed down from generation to generation, and eventually, it found its way to the village of Ilulissat. There, it was enshrined in a great temple, and the people of Ilulissat became known throughout the land for their healing powers.

To this day, the Ice of Sedna remains a powerful symbol of the bond between humans and the natural world, and the people of Ilulissat continue to honor and protect it as a sacred relic of their ancestors.

Wylde Swan

  • Sailing countries: Greenland Greenland Iceland Iceland ...and other
  • Max guests: 26
  • Length over all: 62 m

The “Wylde Swan” is a 2-masted topsail schooner, the largest in the world of her type.


The two-masted schooner Elsi was built in 1986 by the German shipyard Blumenthaler Werft as a training expedition ship. In 2013, an extensive reconstruction and equipment of the sailboat was carried out for operation in the high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic. Subsequently, the schooner was used in medical humanitarian expeditions to remote corners of the world.

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