To get here we′ll have to pass the Icefjord. It′s time to check out what icebergs look like from the sea and, maybe, even to meet your first whale: they say 4 to 7 whales can jump out of the water right next to the ship at once.

As you sail into the port of Aasiaat, you will be greeted by a breathtaking view of icebergs floating in the pristine Arctic waters. This small town, located on an island in the middle of Disko Bay, offers a unique glimpse into Greenlandic culture and history. Explore the colorful wooden houses and the fascinating museum that showcases the life of the Inuit people.

Apart from taking pictures, you might try fishing. Sometimes you'll find whale meat being sold too. Like centuries ago, nowadays Inuits fish whales since their meat as well as that of seals is the basics of their diet.

When walking around the town, pay attention to an arch next to the church: it is made of bones from a whale's jaws, you can also see the full whale skeleton next to the local hotel.

As you wander through the town, you may wonder how the locals manage to thrive in such an extreme environment. But the warmth of the people and the beauty of the surroundings will leave you with a sense of wonder and admiration. Don't miss the chance to take a boat tour to see the awe-inspiring glaciers up close. Aasiaat is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. What are you waiting for? Come and experience the magic of Aasiaat.

Long ago, in the small Inuit settlement of Aasiaat, there was a young woman named Anana who lived with her family. Anana was known throughout the village for her beauty, kindness, and wisdom beyond her years.

One day, Anana was out gathering berries near the edge of the sea when she saw a strange sight. A large, glowing iceberg had appeared on the horizon, and as it grew closer, Anana could see that it was not made of ice at all, but of a brilliant, shimmering crystal.

As the crystal iceberg approached the shore, Anana watched in amazement as a figure emerged from its depths. It was a tall, handsome man with skin as white as snow and eyes as blue as the ocean. The man introduced himself as Aappaluttoq, a powerful spirit who had come to visit the village of Aasiaat.

Aappaluttoq was immediately drawn to Anana's beauty and wisdom, and the two quickly fell in love. They spent long hours walking along the shore, sharing stories and learning from one another. But their happiness was not to last.

One day, a jealous rival of Anana's saw her with Aappaluttoq and became enraged. He went to the local shaman and demanded that Aappaluttoq be banished from the village, accusing him of being a dangerous spirit who would bring harm to the people of Aasiaat.

The shaman, fearful of the rival's wrath, agreed to the banishment. Aappaluttoq was heartbroken, and as he left the village, he swore that he would always love Anana and that he would return one day to be with her again.

Years went by, and Anana grew old and wise, always keeping the memory of Aappaluttoq close to her heart. One day, when she was very old, a strange figure appeared on the horizon, walking towards the village. As the figure grew closer, Anana could see that it was Aappaluttoq, still as handsome and youthful as the day she had met him.

The two embraced, and Aappaluttoq told Anana that he had been away all these years, learning the secrets of the universe and gaining the power to create his own crystal palace in the heavens. He had returned to take Anana with him to live in the palace, where they would be together forever.

Anana joyfully agreed, and together they walked out to sea, where Aappaluttoq summoned a crystal bridge to carry them to his palace in the stars. From that day on, the people of Aasiaat looked up at the sky and saw a brilliant crystal palace shining down on them, a reminder of the great love between Anana and Aappaluttoq.

Wylde Swan

  • Sailing countries: Greenland Greenland Iceland Iceland ...and other
  • Max guests: 26
  • Length over all: 62 m

The “Wylde Swan” is a 2-masted topsail schooner, the largest in the world of her type.


The two-masted schooner Elsi was built in 1986 by the German shipyard Blumenthaler Werft as a training expedition ship. In 2013, an extensive reconstruction and equipment of the sailboat was carried out for operation in the high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic. Subsequently, the schooner was used in medical humanitarian expeditions to remote corners of the world.

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