See why Skyros owes its name to its famous Skyrian colourful stones. Climb up to where British poet Rubert Brooke is buried under an olive grove on Mount Kohilas, which is a great hiking spot. Travel to the mountains southeast of Skyros town, the island’s capital, or Hora ( meaning main town in Greek, the naming used on many islands), which are home to the unique breed of ponies that can only be found on Skyros. Spectate at the Dionysus Festival, when shepherds, dressed as goats, dance around the cobbles of Hora. Choose among many symbols of Skyros in Hora for your best memory: wood carved furniture, painted ceramics, jasmine smells, forests, or one of many golden sand beaches. Enjoy Atsitsa, probably the most picturesque beach of Skyros. Get amazed at the beautiful emerald waters that reflect the color of the pine trees that hang above the sea, whereas a verdant atoll is situated in the middle of this gorgeous bay. Grab some bites of excellent fish and seafood in the tavern at Atsitsa, or try amazing salads in each corner of the island. Jump on our tender to go visit the beautiful bay of Tris Boukes, the turquoise beaches of Sarakino isle(5), or the sea caves of Dyatripiti next to it.


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