The Bosporus of the Saronic with views of mainland Greece, the island wrapped with hills covered in pine trees, and surrounded by sandy beaches, with the island's capital full of small taverns.

Start off with the view of the Poros Town, the island itself, the passage, and the mainland atop of the hill next to the symbol of the town, the Clock Tower. Walk through the labyrinth that are the alleys of Poros town.  

Try local seafood and vegetarian Greek dishes at such diners like Poseidon Tavern, Primasera, Garden Restaurant, Platanos Tavern, Dimitris Family Tavern, Sti Rota Tavern, and Apagio Taverna. Engage in cooking traditional Greek dishes at the workshops in Odyssey Centre, where you can also pick up yoga, kayaking or try olive picking at their farm, or simply relax from hiking at their cozy library. 

Get to the natural sanctuaries on the coast, the Green beach or the Russian Bay Beach, the site of the former old Russian naval base with peculiar architecture on the coast. Hike deep into the island to see remains of the sanctuary of Poseidon or Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi. 

Island of Poseidon between major Greek cities and regions, on the sea routes of heroes’ journeys and divine clashes.