The Sibenik port in Croatia offers an authentic experience of the country's culture and history. The port is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by impressive medieval fortresses, stunning architecture and quaint alleyways. Visitors can explore the UNESCO-listed St. James Cathedral, the oldest native Croatian town hall, and the famous St. Michael's Fortress. For a taste of local cuisine, head to the lively food market where vendors sell fresh seafood and traditional delicacies. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the city's unique cultural heritage, including traditional Dalmatian singing and dancing.

The central church in Šibenik, the Šibenik Cathedral of St James, is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A montage of architectural styles from different eras, with both Gothic and Renaissance, and home to 22 elegant churches.

St. Nicholas Fortress is a fortress located on the island of Ljuljevac, at the entrance to the St. Anthony Channel, across from the Jadrija beach lighthouse. It is included in UNESCO's World Heritage Site list as part of Venetian Works of Defence between 15th and 17th centuries.

Look for the St. Michael's Fortress in historic town centre with traces that date back to the Iron Age; it was first recorded as a church in 1066. It is now home to an open-air auditorium.

Visit the Krka National Park, known for its many waterfalls, flora, fauna, and historical and archaeological remains.

The Kornati archipelago is an epic national park of 150 islands in a sea area of about 320 km2 (124 sq mi), making it the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.

Sibenik’s City Museum tells the city's unique history – from the prehistoric up to the present day. 

Get a four-course treat at Pelegrini Michelin-starred restaurant.

Learn medieval falconry at the Sokolarski Centar.

See the natural world at  Šibenik’s Aquarium Terrarium. Sealife is the main focus, with beautiful bright tropical fish, a lively octopus, small sharks, lobsters, morays and all kinds of crabs, but you’ll also find a number of reptiles, including a pair of somewhat ravenous tegu lizards from South America.

Parking at the city wall. Electricity is not everywhere. Water is available. In the northwest corner of the bay there is a small cozy marina Zaton. Lots of oyster small piers in the bay.
 Located in the Bay of Sibenik at the mouth of the Krka River. If you go there by boat, you will pass the canal leading from the Adriatic Sea to the bay. Take your time. The canal is interesting. With grottos and caves. In Sibenik you can and should stand in the city center on the promenade. The city is atmospheric and romantic. Walking around it is a pleasure. Many cafes and restaurants, located both on the waterfront and in the old town will not leave anyone indifferent. Of course, the main attraction of Šibenik is the city fortress - a must visit. The fortress is situated quite high and the views from there are just breathtaking.
 There is one full-fledged marina in Šibenik, which is located on the right side of the town. The marina has all the amenities. The only drawback is the location. You have to take a bus to the city. But there is an alternative - parking on the waterfront in the center of town. There are moorings, water, too, but no electricity and showers. But it's right in the center of town.
 Beware, there are powerful sudden waves from the ferries. On the pier, there are signs warning and requiring mooring at least 1.5 meters from the wall, they are there for a reason.

The lake in front of the city is shallow, walk very carefully.

As the shimmering waves lap at the ancient stone walls of Sibenik's port, a mysterious legend whispers on the sea breeze. It is said that the town's patron saint, St. Michael, once appeared to a fisherman who was struggling to catch anything.

The fisherman had been praying for a bountiful catch, and St. Michael answered his prayers by magically filling his nets with fish. But when the fisherman returned to shore, he found that one of the fish was not like the others. It shimmered with a strange light and seemed to glow in the darkness.

As the fisherman examined the strange catch, he noticed that there was a message etched into its scales. The message was written in an ancient script that no one in the town could decipher, but it was clear that it was of great importance.

The fisherman soon learned that the message was a warning of impending danger to the town. With the help of St. Michael, the townspeople were able to prepare for the threat and save their beloved city.

To this day, the people of Sibenik believe that St. Michael watches over their port and protects them from harm. And on quiet nights, some swear that they can see the shimmering light of the fish that carried the warning message so many years ago.