The island of Cres is the largest of all the Croatian islands and is situated on the western side of the Kvarner Bay. Covered with verdant forests, this beautiful island with waters so clean that one of the few remaining populations of dolphins still inhabit its aquatorium, is still one of the most beautiful, untouched and unspoiled islands of the Mediterranean. Ancient towns, dense flora, rocks and picturesque bays, coves and beaches make the island of Cres a place any adventurer should see.


Start your adventure in the city of Cres in the western part of the island, established more than 2000 years ago. The fortified town used to be known throughout the ancient world under the name Crexa (Crepsa). Walk along the charming narrow maze of the old town’s streets and take a look at the small main square, the centre of the city’s life for centuries. Remains of the city walls, the Venetian tower, the Old Roman Bridge and the Beli Olive mill are also definitely worth the attention.

Visit the Museum of Cres set in the Gothic Renaissance style mansion Arsan.

Enjoy the great views from above at Lubenice village. Here you can admire the medieval fortress and ruins of the medieval city.

Go to tiny beautiful port town Valun and take a look at the 11th century bilingual Valunska tablet.

Go north and visit the charming village of Beli. You can take a look at the beautiful Gothic and Romanesque churches and chapels here or start your hiking trail in the majestic woods of Tramuntana.

On the west you can visit the picturesque village Martiscica, where you can take a look at the remains of prehistoric forts and Romanesque churches and pristine nature and amazing beaches.

Go to a sailing agency in Cres, hire a boat and go dolphin watching.

The island of Cres is a popular seaside vacation spot due to its magnificent beaches:

  • Lush Sveti Ivan beach on the northern side of the island near Lubenice is surrounded by rocks. Climb up and enjoy the breathtaking marina views.
  • Beautiful secluded pebble Kruscica beach near Merag is surrounded by verdant hills.
  • Relax at the romantic wild Stara Porozina pebble beach.
  • Play beach volleyball and tennis at the exquisitely clean Kovacine Cape beach.
  • Explore the sea save at Plave Grote beach at Zanje bay.
  • Enjoy the sun and hide in the shade of the rocks sheltering the Mali Bok beach near Orlec.

Food and drinks

Get acquainted with the local cuisine of Cres in restaurants or traditional rustic style kanoba taverns. Try traditional Croatian pizzetta, prsut dried ham, kulen sausages, cutlets, escalopes, ospod peke lamb and of course all the seafood.

Savor the taste of traditional recipes in the beautiful Artatore restaurant located in a pine forest.

Enjoy the beautiful waterfront view on the open terrace and try peka lamb and seafood at the Santa Lucia restaurant.

Try home grown lamb meat at family owned Konoba Bukaleta at Lozanti village.

Fall in love with the rich tastes of Croatian cuisine at Gostionica Belona in Cres town, Konoba Trs at Cres town or Konoba Hibernicia at Lubenice.

The legend says that Lubenice got its name due to the princess Ljubica who fell in love with a young man who lived on the hill, where the village is located. The boy loved her back, but the princess’s father was unhappy about her choice and banished her. The king’s daughter moved to her beloved’s village, so the village was called “Ljubenice” in her name.