Port Vernadsky Research Base is located on the western side of Galindez Island and serves as a Ukrainian Antarctic station. The base is famous for its post office where visitors can send postcards stamped with a unique Antarctic stamp. It is also home to a range of scientific experiments, including climate research and ozone monitoring. The port offers stunning views of glaciers and icebergs and is a popular spot for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

The Vernadsky Research Base is the only Ukrainian Antarctic Station located on Argentine Islands. Former British Faraday research station, it was sold to Ukraine by the UK for a symbolic one pound in February 1996. As one of the longest operating bases in Antarctica, Faraday/Vernadsky Station has been the subject of scientific research studies on long-term temperature trends that indicate global warming.

The Vernadsky Research Base in Antarctica has a long and mysterious history, with tales of strange occurrences and ghostly sightings that have puzzled scientists and researchers for years. According to local legend, the base is haunted by the ghost of a former scientist who died in a tragic accident while conducting experiments in the laboratory.

It is said that late at night, when the base is quiet and empty, strange sounds can be heard echoing through the halls. Doors creak and slam shut on their own, lights flicker and flash, and unexplained phenomena occur with alarming regularity. Some have even claimed to see the ghostly apparition of the deceased scientist wandering the corridors, searching for answers to the questions that plagued him in life.

Despite the eerie stories and unsettling atmosphere, the scientists and researchers who work at Vernadsky continue to brave the unknown, determined to unlock the secrets of the frozen continent. And although they may never fully unravel the mysteries of the base, they remain undaunted in their pursuit of knowledge, ready to face whatever challenges the future may hold.