Port Melchior Islands Base is a research station located on the small and isolated Melchior Islands. The port provides a unique opportunity for visitors to explore one of the most untouched and pristine areas of Antarctica, while also learning about the scientific research being conducted there. The station is known for its important research on climate change, wildlife, and geology.

The Melchior Islands are a group of sixteen low, ice-covered islands lying in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica. The islands were roughly charted by the Third French Antarctic Expedition under Jean-Baptiste Charcot in 1903–1905. Things to see there include penguin colonies and whales, pack ice and giant icebergs, groups of fur seals.

The Melchior Islands in Antarctica are a group of small islands surrounded by icy waters that are home to various species of wildlife. According to local legend, these islands are believed to be cursed by the spirits of the creatures that were hunted and killed by early explorers and whalers who visited the area.

The legend says that the spirits of the hunted animals haunt the islands and the surrounding waters, seeking revenge on those who enter their territory. It is said that the spirits can take on the form of the animals that were killed and can create illusions to lure humans into dangerous situations.

Many sailors and explorers who have visited the Melchior Islands have reported strange occurrences, such as sudden storms, equipment failures, and unexplained noises. Some have even reported seeing ghostly apparitions of animals or hearing their cries in the night.

Despite the dangers associated with the Melchior Islands, some brave souls still venture to the area to study the unique wildlife and geography of the region. But they do so at their own risk, always keeping a watchful eye out for the vengeful spirits that may be lurking in the shadows.