Enterprise Island in Antarctica is a small but stunning port with pristine waters and towering glaciers. This is a destination for true adventurers, as it requires a challenging trek to reach it. Once there, visitors can kayak around the island, hike to see penguins and seals, and marvel at the majestic natural beauty.

This little Enterprise Island holds one of the few physical remains of man's occupation of Antarctica, the wreck of the whaling vessel Gouvernoren is here – only its bow is above water. This area was heavily used by whalers from around 1915 to 1930, and there are a few other artifacts from those times scattered around the shoreline if you look closely. The small scale and human aspect make this a great spot to discover.

In the early days of Antarctic exploration, a group of sailors came across Enterprise Island. They were in search of new routes to reach the South Pole, and the island was the perfect place to restock and refuel their ship. As they were exploring the island, they came across a strange creature that they had never seen before. It had the body of a seal, the head of a bird, and the wings of a bat.

The sailors were both fascinated and terrified by the creature. They tried to capture it, but it flew away before they could get close enough. However, the creature left behind a single feather, which the sailors brought back to their ship. They believed that the feather had magical powers, and that it would bring them good luck on their journey.

As they continued on their journey, the sailors found that they were indeed blessed with good fortune. They discovered new lands, made important scientific discoveries, and even survived a dangerous storm. They attributed all of their success to the magical feather from Enterprise Island.

After returning home, the sailors shared their story with other explorers, who also came to believe in the power of the feather. Over time, the legend of the creature on Enterprise Island and its magical feather grew, and many explorers made the journey to the island in search of their own feather and their own good luck.

To this day, many visitors to Enterprise Island continue to search for the creature and its magical feather, hoping to be blessed with good fortune on their own journeys.