F.A.Q. #2

What do I get out of a yacht trip at all? It's not a cruise liner!


Cruise liner is a floating island. Aboard the liner you go to the cinema, to a restaurant, play tennis, swim in the artificial pool and go to an evening show or to a magic performance. Everything is just like in your hometown... Everything is just like anywhere else in the world... 

What do you want the sea for, then?
There's no rocking on a big liner. The smell of the sea in the morning is interrupted by the smell of omelets with bacon and coffee, and in the evening — martinis and perfume of ladies gowns in the elevator. 
The sounds of the night dance floor or piano from the concert hall are louder than the cries of the seagulls and the sound of the waves. 

Only the passengers' boat rocks sometimes. The boat, which in the morning, while the ship is on stop, takes those who want to go to the Bahamas, sunbathe for a few hours, and then — back on board… (It also rocks if you try too hard to have fun in the restaurant, but we won't connect it to the sea) 

If that's not your goal, but a real sea voyage is — you are welcome under our sails.

A real sailing experience is when you can reach the sea with your hand, when the wind is your fellow traveler, when everything on board helps you to be in contact with the water, and not alienates you from it: diving, snorkeling, surfing, simply swimming, everything is available directly from the special ramp which descends at the stern and forms a pier convenient for getting into the sea.

- It's the entire crew of the ship that you know personally, people who can confidently be called "teammates”. 

- It's the sea routes and the shore program, where you have a voice and suggestions will be listened to by the captain himself.

- It's a sailboat whose fate you take part in, just as it takes part in yours. 

- Is it possible to feel like a sailor on a cruise liner?

Can you drive a liner for a while? Or climb up the sails? Can you ask the captain a question (at any time!)? Can you dip your hand into the ocean or dive into real water right off the ship?
Don't be ridiculous. A liner — is a floating hotel.

One goes to a hotel to feel like a real vacationer, one goes on a yacht to feel really alive.

Cruising on a real sailing ship

Cruising on a sailing ship doesn't mean permanently fighting the elements of nature. A ship like RUNNING ON WAVES is still the same "luxury class," with beautiful interiors, restaurant food, impeccable service, and full provisioning for every need.
The difference is that you're not "one of the passengers", like on a liner. You are now — a real part of the ship! 

So, here's a joke:

Tourist: "— I want to go out on a cruise liner. I want to feel the sea..."

Captain of the sailing ship: "— Well, then I'll take a walk on the beach in my boots: I want to feel the sand..."

Every joke is funny, as long as there's truth in it! 
The sea is waiting for you to give you new inspiration