Sep 16, 2023 - Sep 23, 2023

Combine yoga and sailing in ‘Cyclades cruise under sail. Yoga Retreat Plus’ 8-day cruise program this September! 

On this voyage for 8 days you will be taken off the beaten track, and what breathtaking discoveries await you there! Prepare yourself to get to know the style of life in one of only five world’s Blue Zones while experiencing yoga from a therapeutic and holistic point of view.

Cyclades cruise under sail. Yoga Retreat Plus

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Sep 16, 2023 - Sep 23, 2023

DURATION: 8 days

Combine yoga and sailing in ‘Cyclades cruise under sail. Yoga Retreat Plus’ 8-day cruise program which is going to happen this September! 

On this voyage for 8 days you will be taken off the beaten track, and what breathtaking discoveries await you there! Prepare yourself to get to know the style of life in one of only five world’s Blue Zones.


Cyclades cruise Yoga retreat route



Let us introduce our yoga instructor Naïr, who specializes in Vinyasa Yoga. Trained in India, Barcelona and Colombia, Naïr created her own style of teaching: her classes are always an immersion into oneself, experiencing yoga from a therapeutic and holistic point of view. Through Vinyasa, its fundamentals and its flow, she teaches to integrate the practice into your life. 

The Boat: 

We will be sailing aboard an exclusive three-mast 64-meters-long sailing vessel Running on Waves, one of the biggest sailing ships in the world. Let her take you to the journey of a lifetime! 

Each morning onboard will start with 8 AM morning hatha yoga, followed by meditation and a light vegetarian breakfast.

5 special Yoga sessions will be held in the evenings, each related to different Chakras (Earth, Air, Fire, Ether and Water).


On day 1 you will board the Running on Waves ship in Piraeus port of Athens, a gateway to Greece’s fabled isles. Located in the southeast, it has attracted adventurers and classicists for centuries. Piraeus itself has many religious and historic landmarks to fill an entire vacation, and the Greek capital Athens is located nearby, just around 12 kilometers from Piraeus port. 

A welcome cocktail and delicious dinner from the chef, and an acquaintance with the ship and crew will be waiting for you onboard!

A1.5 hour Kundalini yoga session this evening will help you to recognize the awareness, refine and expand that awareness to the unlimited Self. 


We’ll start day 2 with an 8 AM Morning Yoga session to wake up with the rising sun. Along with a physical practice, we’ll be doing chanting and meditation. This 60 minutes will help you feel new and refreshed in all ways.

After that, find yourself seduced by the beauty of Syros, the head island of all the Cyclades and Dodecaneses. Touch a blend of cultures and time periods whilst watching performances at the Theater of Apollo. Feel yourself like an aristocrat in the village of Dellagracia, in the town of Posidonia, walking around its mansions. 


The city beach of Ermoupolis in Syros


Sitting in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Syros is a mixture of Cycladic and Venetian architecture. Just imagine whitewashed houses blending with colorful mansions, neoclassical buildings, imposing orthodox churches and squares surrounded by Cycladic nature which creates the most postcard-perfect place. Dreamy, right? 

17:30h — The Earth Element Special Session

This day we’ll start the first of five special yoga sessions with the Element Earth related to the 1st Chakra. We work our roots through our legs and feet practicing balancing poses, strength and resistance on our legs, increasing our security and attention in the present moment. 


Let’s start day 3 with a Yoga open air session, that will charge you with strength and energy for the whole day!‎

Be ready for adventure around the small island of Delos, where you will find numerous ancient monuments at the vast area of Archaeological sites. They take a big part of the island’s territory, featuring many temples, maisons, statues, Agora of the Competaliasts and the ancient theater. Notice all the monuments of Delos when the ship will circle around the island. 

17:30h — The Water Element Special Session

Water Element is the second special yoga session related to the 2nd Chakra. We will work on our flexibility by opening our hips and stretching our legs, increasing the flow of water on us allowing us to liberate and heal emotions, increasing our creativity and sexual energy. 


On day 4 the 8:00 AM Morning Yoga session will help you build confidence and a sense of self-worth. 

We will take a break from the ship to visit scenic Ikaria. Located on the Eastern Aegean sea, Ikaria is one of the worldwide famous Greek Islands, mainly due to the longevity of its inhabitants and the Ikarian diet. Ikaria is one of the five Blue Zones in the World - places where people reach extraordinary high ages. The island was named 2 years in a row "The Best Greek Island for Nature Lovers" by CNN.


Main street with shops and restaurants in Ikaria


17:30h — The Fire Element Special Session

Working with our 3rd Chakra, we do a special yoga session focused on the Fire Element. We work our core in power yoga sessions, where we work with strength and resistance, resting in soft twists that help us to increase and release at the same time our inner fire.


On day 5 after our 8:00 AM Morning Yoga, prepare yourself for a visit to Chios, famous for the tasty "mastic", its main symbol, and a spice that is found only on this island. This comes from the Mastic Trees that are found on the island and which have many healthy properties within them. Mastic oil is available only on Chios. 


Resin obtained from the mastic tree, Chios


According to many archaeologists, this place was also the homeland of Homer. There are Archaeological, Byzantine and Marine museums that you can visit.

Observe another gem of the whole island, the unique architectural style called sgraffito, in places like Pyrgi village, which you cannot find anywhere else in Greece.

17:30h — The Air Element Special Session.

The Element Air practice is focused to open our 4th Chakra, working with our backbends and shoulder mobility. Feel more liberated and expansive after this class that ends with a special breathing session. 


On Day 6 after 8:00 AM Morning Yoga you’ll journey to Andros, an unspoiled Gem with unique sites, character & history. Behold the Tourlitis Lighthouse - the only lighthouse worldwide built on a rock in the sea!

Do not miss the church of Panagia Theoskepasti which sits on top of a hill. Locals believe the icon of Virgin Mary came to the cave by itself and the roof was built by God. Andros is one of the best-preserved old towns in Greece, its charming houses are a mix of Venetian, Neoclassical & Classic Cycladic Architecture and a joy to wander through.

17:30h — Sunset Yoga (outdoor session)

Today we’ll be doing a very special yoga session in an amazing outdoor spot nourishing ourselves with a magnificent sunset while we come into the flow of a multi-level yoga session. We start with the Sun Salutations and after some gentle poses, we’ll practice a powerful meditation focused on our dreams, desires and life intentions.


On day 7 we’ll start with an 8:00 AM Morning Yoga session - a great way that allows your body to begin the day in a far more relaxed state.

Take some time off the ship and head for Tinos, an enchanting island that primarily attracts Greeks making pilgrimages twice a year, in March and August, to visit the church of Panagia Megalochari. Most tourists simply admire its port from a ship on their way from Athens to Mykonos. But there are many reasons to explore it further: climb up to Exomvourgo to see 4th century BC Venetian fortification and the remnants of the ancient center of Tinos. Feel the Bronze Age way of life in the Vryokastro Settlement. Recall Greek mythology in the Sanctuaries of Poseidon and Amphitrite, the god of sea and his wife, deity of feminine fertility.


Vryokastro Settlement, Tinos


17:30  — The Ether Element Special Session

We’ll work the higher Chakras with the Element Ether, the more subtle one. The practice is focused on our arm balances and inversions, giving us bravery, power and stillness, and equally a peacefulness.


Our magnificent trip will come to an end at the same place where we’ve started, in Piraeus port of Athens. So, we advise you to set a course for a thorough tour around Piraeus: visit open markets, go for coastal walks or the opera house, feel the spirit of a big sea port and relax at the beaches. 

With vivid landscapes to explore, our 7-night cruise invites you to indulge in traditional flavors, admire stunning landscapes and explore charming villages while working on your inner balance, relaxation and state of calm.

We hope to see you again soon to create more extraordinary moments that will be etched in your memory forever.

Have a nice trip! or as the Greeks say: Καλό ταξίδι! (Kaló taxídi!)

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