More than any other type of alcohol, wine calls on all your senses, brings the greatest pleasure and engages with all our five human senses.

A good wine, its aroma and bouquet can have magical qualities which is why people talk about it in the way they do.

For wine lovers, we've prepared an article about several wineries you should put on your bucket list next time you plan your Greek adventure.

Travel is an opportunity to read the world. On each page, you might find a new taste, flavor or scent that will make your world a richer place. 

Here on Embarq we try to provide our travelers with a free tool by presenting you with detailed guidance to as many activities, points of interest that might help individualize your next trip. 

And wine tasting is one of them. 


Travel with us to these wonderful wine tasting hotspots while reading this article, and these ideas might come in handy when you plan your next Greek adventure. 

If you are looking for things to do in Milos that include tradition, local food, organic wine and genuine hospitality, you are in the right place! 


The Kostantakis winery opens its wooden doors and welcomes you to try its new production of uniquely flavored wines. Kostantakis Winery is located in Milos island, just 500 meters from the charming seaside village Pollonia and 300 meters from the closest seacoast. 


Kostantakis winery, Greece


Nowadays Kostantakis - Milos Cave Winery produces 6 wines in limited production that represent the philosophy of founder viticulturist Kostas Mallis.

Vines are grown in the volcanic, porous soil of Milos under warm and dry climate conditions. Wine is stored in an underground labyrinth which provides the needed humidity and steady, cool temperature.

An interesting blend of varieties are found in Kostantakis vineyards, including Assyrtiko, Monemvasia , Roditis ,Savatiano, Malagousia, Mavrotragano, Mandilaria, Mavro Aidani and Moscato (Muscat).


VSV Winery’s (Volcanic Slopes Vineyards Winery) history goes back to the 19th century. Located in picturesque Episkopi Gonia village, Santorini, it produces exclusively a single wine called ‘Pure’.


VSV Winery, Greece


It is Matthaios Argyros, the creative power that created VSV, is the scion of a family that has been behind Estate Argyros for more than a century. The Estate was officially established in 1903, at first as a canava, the traditional term used in Santorini for describing a winery. As most canavas, this was an underground cellar, mainly made out of volcanic stones. In 2013, the canava was totally renovated in order to host the VSV winery.

The Volcanic Slopes Vineyards team starts winemaking in the vineyard, with intense grape sorting in the field at the time of harvest, to eliminate substandard berries. Hand sorting continues at the winery.

Gentle pressing in a pneumatic press is followed by light settling. Juice is transferred to cement tanks and allowed to ferment naturally. 

The winery of Volcanic Slopes Vineyards is simple, efficient, yet expresses in full clarity the individuality of the only wine it produces.


Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm was established in 1994 as the result of Nikos Asimomytis’ dream to engage with Mykonos' productive tradition. He abandoned Athens - and his career as a bank inspector - and returned to his fatherland.


Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm, Greece


You will meet the Asimomytis family running the property and live an authentic and unique wine tasting and farm-to-table experience.

Thanks to unique microclimate and due to the rich ingredients of the soil, free of chemicals, pesticides and intensive cultivation, they produce healthy grapes of a superior taste and quality.

A guided bicycle tour can be arranged for you - you can uncover Mykonos on wheels in a guided bicycle tour format - an unforgettable, authentic, cycling experience off the beaten track routes.


We are pleased to share with you a huge collection of wine tasting destinations from the best independent producers. 

Hope, it will come in handy next time you plan your trip to Greece! 


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