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Woo Hoo! Which means Hi in Сentaur! I am your guide and assistant here!

First, the essentials:

- EmbarQ  allows you to choose a yacht that you fancy to travel on and choose or even create your own route!

- EmbarQ supports you to plan out each day of your journey. Which is handy, since so much is often spent on arguing without a plan. And the trip is too dull if the plan is not your own.  

 - EmbarQ helps you to gather a team of like-minders. Fill your travel with chats joined by people you get you. Learn about co-travelers during planning before setting off .  

- EmbarQ  is not a social network. Each team has its own Facebook group and a WhatsUp chat created by the team’s captain for communication between members. 

- EmbarQ will soon feature a game module. But the platform itself is not a game, it is a portal between the digital world and real life travel.


Clip Clop , which means you are on the second step now. Login is not needed to learn a lot about great locations, routes and travelers. But you need it to join teams, as we have to know who deserves bonuses and gifts. By entering you will also have access to valuable games and much more.


Here you can put your basic information, or you can tell so much more about yourself as a traveler! This will help other travelers to get to know you, and captains will have a better idea before choosing and inviting you to the team. Your curious and engaging portfolio can also earn you bonus points via votes from other travelers.


Centauland is the territory, where centaurs’ hooves have stepped at least once. We collected a huge amount of information for you about a large scope of destinations to help you build routes and get ideas for your adventures. If you happen to come up with a great suggestion for an adventure, feel free to add it wherever you see a plus sign. Such suggestions will be voted on by other travelers and could earn for itself a permanent spot in the archive and bonuses for the author. 


“Creativity - is just the creation of links between things”

- Centaur Steve Jobs

RREEEEE! Let’s move on. Here you face a choice to become a captain or join a team. If you choose to be the lead, then you either create a new route or activate a sample one, on the base of which you will gather a team and fill up the schedule. This will eventually lead to bonus points and discounts for a successful cruise. 


And here is how the building actually works: First you choose a yacht in the area you need, and its available dates, in the Yachts section.  After that you connect desired locations on the map, describe the journey and send it to us for a check. Real sailors and captains will make sure that your route fits all marine requirements. We will send the route draft back to you, possibly with recommendations for corrections. After your route passes further, you can start inviting team members and create a Facebook group and a WhatsUp chat for communication within the team. Remember that route’s description plays a big role in its attractiveness.  


“The wise one chooses a fun and talkative friend”

  - Centaur Epicure

It is still great to just join a team you like. Check the dates, and choose, add, suggest or vote for activities for each day of the cruise. You can also suggest the captain, who can edit each part of the plan, to modify the route.  


EmbarQ is made to take close minded people to your travels. Fill up your profile and upload your portfolio to be more noticeable to travelers like you. Choose what speaks to you!


“To not make plans means to plan your defeat.”

Centaur Benjamin Franklin

You fill up each day in your schedule by simply inserting the desired activity into a time slot. Ready activities come from our archive. But you can also suggest your own ideas as an activity for the day. Try to describe your idea in more details to attract more votes within your team. Planning details and other matters are discussed on Facebook and WhatsUp. You have 2 days to agree on each day of the cruise or 2 weeks total for the whole schedule. On the evening of the second day, Greenwich time, team members vote within 24 hours for the activities of the day. Each suggestion and each schedule earns points to the author depending on the votes. The more interesting and detailed your idea is, the more likely it will be voted in by your team and get added to our archive. 

Democracy for travelers! On the actual cruise it is up to you to follow this preliminary schedule or not. Of course, you can choose all your own activities, but this is not a team then. Embarq aims to unite people and ideas. However, during planning, the team decides overall schedule, not the captain, who only organizes the process and edits the journey. Team’s captain can also vote, but that vote is equal to others’. Everybody can report to us any dangerous destructive behavior. Collective creativity and planning is what makes people really know each other!  


“Game – is the highest form of research”

- Centaur Albert Einstein

The rules of this game are super simple:  throw the dice and your ship, the Argo, moves across the board, the map, that amount of steps. Solve puzzles, compete with your team members, surf the Web for answers. Completing this game is a great way for you to earn bonus points, have fun while doing it, learn about ancient myths, and learn curious facts about sea-going and ships. Adventures of the Argonauts are available between planning each day of the schedule during the voting period. Your goal is to complete the game before the end of the planning, after which you will be ready to go for your real life adventure!


After all is set and planned, the team's captain submits all the information about the cruise or charter, and we green light each correctly planned journey. 


All your efforts will be awarded justly!


Get ready and set yourself for the sailing journey of your making!


We want to give you more options for your bonuses. Soon you will be able to help people in real need or use them with what our friends have to offer.