What is Embarq?

It is the first multifunctional platform for tourists and professionals in the field of premium, charter and thematic cruises in the world.


What can I find on Embarq?

- Space for professional organizers of thematic tours to attract customers and create unforgettable offers,

- Excellent service for finding a scheduled cruise or renting a boat,

- Unique guide of non-touristic and rare places for your route,

- Online cruise planner that provides 100% involvement of all travel team members, maximum co-creation and creativity, the extent of which the customers determine for themselves.


What can I do without logging in?

Unauthorized users cannot create routes, join groups, and leave reviews for activities or add new activities, but can read all the information available on the website.


Where can I sail?

Our geography is constantly expanding. At the moment we operate across the whole Eastern Mediterranean: Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt, Lebanon, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, plus parts of Italy, France, Spain and the Gulf states.


How many co-travellers can I take with me?

Depends on you and the capacity of the chosen yacht. Largest discounts act on full ship booking with alternatives being joining teams on the same ship or other vessel, or going to our regular cruises.


How many co-travellers is enough to start the trip?

At least half the capacity of the chosen ship. Alternatively, you can join forces with other teams.


Who can become a group leader?

Anyone who has a profile can build his own route, edit it and invite people. But only an official partner (group leader, trainer or ship owner) can publish his route and make it available for all visitors of Embarq.


How many co-travellers do I need in my group to start planning the trip's schedule?

No limit. Once the group leader's route is approved by us during the first moderation, the team should start gathering. However, the planning can begin after 2 weeks from that time for any team size. Group leader fills and shows his initial ideas for activities right from the start of gathering the team.


How does my trip get approved?

Team captain fsubmits the desired route for the first moderation, then a second time after gathering the team and submitted schedule as well.


Who builds the group's route?

Group leader builds and edits the route. The rest of the group can suggest minor adjustments before our final moderation.


How to build the route?

The route is created via an interactive map in the trip builder by choosing ports from the list one by one and connecting them on the map into a chain.


How do I plan what to do during the trip?

You choose and add activities to your schedule from our lists, or suggest your own activity or vote for others’ ideas within your cruise group.


How do I communicate with my team?

All team communication happens in the Facebook and Whatsapp chats and groups that are created by the group leader of the chosen cruise.


How do I find travellers for my group?

You can invite members from your offline community or attract people on Embarq. Embarq was created to help travelers with similar interests meet each other.


Can I choose my cabin, if I am not a group leader?

Team captain has the first priority in choosing the cabin on the chosen yacht, but team members can also choose their cabin themselves with a prior discussion within the team in team’s Facebook group and/or team’s WhatsUp chat.


Can I use the planner for a land trip?

Yes. You can find rare places to visit in our guide, use the planner to choose activities for each day of your trip and print a brochure to share your ideas with friends. Feel free to create your new experience with Embarq.


Can I book a scheduled cruise here?

Best scheduled cruises from our partners are waiting for you on the page called “Scheduled Cruises”!
Additionally you can find great deals separately on the page "Speacial Offers"!


How can I earn with Embarq?

Doesn't matter who you are - a group leader, an author of a unique thematic tour or a yoga trainer - Embarq was created to help your customers find you. Press the button “join us” and grow your audience and your sales with Embarq.