The ancient site of the city of Ephesus was dedicated to the goddess Artemis. Her enormous temple, rebuilt several times, dates in its latest form from the third century B.C. and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Between Kusadasi's southern shores and Pamukkale lies the valley of the Menderes River (the Meander), where several ancient civilizations built major settlements, including Priene, Milet, Didyma (Didim), Aphrodisias and Hierapolis (Pamukkale). The Temple of Apollo at Didyma was one of the most sacred places of antiquity. According to mythology, Narcissus Spring is where Narcissus, who disdains girls who fall in love with him, was punished. Narcissus, who continuously hurts girls, is thirsty one day and drinks water from a spring. When he sees his reflection in the water, he falls in love with himself. He cannot see anything else and dies gazing at his own face. Narcissus plants, also known as daffodils, used to grow at this place where he died.


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