Karachi port is the largest and busiest port in Pakistan, handling about two-thirds of the country's cargo. Located on the Arabian Sea, the port is a vital hub for international trade, connecting Pakistan to the rest of the world. With modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology, Karachi port is equipped to handle all types of cargo, including bulk, containerized, and liquid cargo.

Karachi is the largest, busiest and most multifaceted city in Pakistan — with colorful streets, distinctive architecture and colorful markets.



But Karachi also has plenty of places to relax, from sunny beaches to modern waterfront restaurants.

According to local legend, the port of Karachi was named after a fisherman named Kaka who lived in a small village on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Kaka was known for his kindness and generosity, and was beloved by all who knew him.

One day, Kaka was out fishing when he caught a large, shimmering fish unlike any he had ever seen before. As he tried to reel it in, the fish suddenly transformed into a beautiful woman. She introduced herself as the daughter of the sea god, and thanked Kaka for sparing her life.

In gratitude, the sea goddess bestowed a great blessing upon Kaka's village, promising that it would become a prosperous port town with access to the riches of the sea. And so it came to pass that the village of Kaka became the bustling port city of Karachi, fulfilling the sea goddess's prophecy.

To this day, locals believe that the goddess's blessing continues to bring good fortune to the city and its people, and the port of Karachi remains an important hub of trade and commerce in Pakistan.