Travel through chain of less crowded Dodecanese islands and all the way to Cyprus. Greatest diving spots and all other special alternative options.



Day 1



Island Greenery Secluded

Island of diversified landscapes with distinct aroma of the Mediterranean, an oasis of tranquility.

Leros wrecks

Wreck, Diving

Get preoccupied with diving explorations and discover preserved historical treasures in the crystalline waters of the Aegean around Leros, the wrecks of the boats and planes.

Tunnel War Museum


Explore the history of the island’s battles inside one of the most interesting museums of Greece, the Tunnel War Museum

Day 2




Kalymnos is a mountain climbing mecca due to its wild and barren mountains and steep rocks. The island is also famous for sponge diving history and as is one of the wealthiest islands in Greece.

Sponge Factory

Museum, Traditional

Buy a sponge on the Sponge Factory. Natural sponge is not easy to get nowadays due to the outbreak of a disease which has decimated sponge crops. Sponge diving appeared in 19th century and dangerous at first with no equipment but a harpoon. But "Kalymnian gold” enriched locals.

Day 3




Kos is referred to as the garden island among the Greek due to its geography, which allows enough rain. It is spacious and accommodates towns and mountains, flatlands and wetlands, lakes and long beaches. Kos was also home of Hippocrates, the "Father of Modern Western Medicine".


Diving, Sports, Extreme, Nature

Dive to the Archway tunnel, thermal springs and underwater caves reefs

Windsurfing and kitesurfing

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Nature

Kos is an exceptional location for all kinds of surfing

Mesariano Winery


Dense ruby color, intense aroma, round velvety mouth tannins. Only Cabernet Savignon varieties, but fully organic production.

Cycling paths

Cycling, Nature

Kos is ideal for cycling and has special paths for this

Paradise beach


Bask on the dozens of beaches. Golden sandy beach called Paradise is ranked as one of the best

Kos delicacies

Food, Drinks

Peppery cheese from goat milk krasotyri, katimeria, cheese pie, and kanelada, refreshment made from sweet cinnamon and sweet tomato

Day 4




Nisyros is an island with an active volcano and lunar sceneries. It’s amazing how little-known and distant from mass tourism Nisyros is, considering its unique beauty and the importance of its Acropolis of Paleokastro.

Day 5

Day 6



Island Secluded

Main town features a neoclassical harbour of pastel-coloured buildings. Beyond the town, you’ll find coastal hikes, coves ideal for swimming and historic sights, from the elegant Panormitis monastery to castle ruins.

Symi sponges


Archaeological and Folklore Museum

Museum, Culture

The archaeological collection includes findings from excavations held on the island, such as Hellenistic and Roman sculptures and vessels, while the Byzantine collection consists of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, coins and musical manuscripts. The folklore collection includes traditional costumes, musical instruments, hand-woven materials, tools of everyday life, like a sewing machine, and photos that depict life some decades ago.

Maritime museum

Exhibition, Special, Museum

The Nautical Museum of Simi displays old maps, ship models, diver suits, nautical tools and other exhibits that depict the long marine and sponge-fishing tradition of the island. In fact, there is a special section dedicated to sponge diving with exhibits including diving suits, diving machines for oxygen production, a collection of sponges, diving stones and others. The museum also hosts paintings and wooden-carved sailboats of the craftsman Antonis Polias.

Symi hiking trails


There are hiking trails in nearly all corners of the island.

Day 7




Eastern edge of Greece, Kastellorizo, or Castelrosso, for “Red Castle”. The island sits on the traderoad between Asia and Europe. Turkish coastline is only two nautical miles away. Residence of the order of medieval knights sitting opposite the homeland of St Nicholas.

Snorkeling spots

Snorkeling, Historic, Diving

Ruins and shipwrecks to be seen as you snorkel on the surface

Athena Fish Tavern

Seafood, Food, Tavern

Greek cuisine wonders you had in other parts of Greece, with an Italian touch

Kastellorizo village

Painted in vivid colors two and three story renovated mansions spread along the harbourline.

Parastas Cave


One of the largest and most beautiful caves of Greece

Day 9



Mainland port City

Developed city with a charming old town part. Walk through its smaller central streets and witness a unique blend.

Psilo Dendro

Nature, Traditional, Food, Market

Visit the trout farm Psilo Dendro, or try making your own handmade chocolate in the workshop, both in Platres village, on the way to Troodos.

Barbeque spots

Cuisine, Nature, Hiking, Food

Look for special appropriately equipped designated barbeque areas in the mountains and meet the sunset in surreal calm surroundings.

Abandoned hotel Berengaria

Architecture, Special, Abandoned

Berengaria hotel, a majestic building that silently stands in Prodomos, the highest village in Cyprus, was once the most luxurious hotel in Cyprus, served as a haven for royals and other titled guests. The hotel was named after Queen Berengaria, wife of Richard the Lionheart, who were married there. However, mysterious deaths, screams and other strange apparitions appearing in the hotel, all combine to create a horrifying conundrum.

Atalanta trail

Hiking, Historic, Nature

Get rewarded on the path of Atalanta, which is two times longer and tougher than the path of Artemis, with the spectacular views, smells of black pine trees and groves of 800 years old juniper.

Millomeris waterfall

Nature, Waterfall

Set on a path towards the big Millomeris waterfall. This path, which starts at the Pano Platres church, is short but very challenging, where you will be rewarded with great mountain views at the top.

Cyprus food

Cuisine, Food, Seafood

Every dinner on the island includes several types of cheese, olives, classical sauces, fresh bread, seafood and meat