A quiet pleasant town with turquoise blue sea and narrow streets scented with jasmine flowers. Arts festival, jazz concerts in the Hellenistic theatre, ceramics exhibitions and a vast variety of underwater cultural heritage.

Hit the modern town of Kas, that occupies the site of ancient Antiphellos. Take a kayaking trip to sunken ruins around Kekova and Kaleköy near Kas. Remember Üçagiz, which sits on the site of ancient Teimiussa. Climb up to the stunning location on a peninsula hilltop across the water from Uçagiz, the medieval Kaleköy Castle, the site of ancient Simena. Ride next to Demre, site of ancient Myra, where St. Nicholas was famously the bishop. Appreciate the medieval domed Basilica of St. Nicholas, an important pilgrimage destination for those of the Orthodox Christian faith, preserved in its original 11th-century form.

Or choose a snorkeling boat trip with a tender and equipment to about four of the surrounding area's top snorkeling spots, with ruins and shipwrecks to be seen as you snorkel on the surface.

Go a bit further to the ancient town of Limyra, one of the oldest settlements in Lycia, with remains of a Byzantine church and Roman theater. Hike to countless Lycian rock tombs near Fethiye.

Hunt for nightlife and countless resorts at Marmaris. Sail to the largest and historically the most important of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes. Enjoy one of the best and the lengthiest trekking paths in Turkey, the Lycian Way, that connects cities of Fethiye and Antalya and lies close to the sea coast. 

Try deniz böcülcesi (sea beans), fava (broad beans), atom (yogurt with fried chili peppers) and patlıcan salata (grilled eggplant salad), if you are into vegetables, and cupra (sea bream) and levrek (sea bass), if are into fish dishes. 


The Sleeping Giant is one of Kas’ greatest legends. It’s a distinctive rock formation on top of a mountain that was given its name because it looks like a sleeping giant. According to the legend, one of the Olympus gods was angry with Prometheus, a fisherman, and separated him from his love. The fisherman went to save his love, infuriating the god, who turned them both into mountains – one on Kas and one on Meis Island. It’s said that the lovers have been looking forward to the day they will be able to see each other again.