Rock tombs in the area, which date back over 3,000 years, are on UNESCO’s World Heritage Tentative List.

Take a break between sightseeing tours at numerous small cafes in the Old City part of Fethiye. Glance at the colors of amber stones at Fethiye Market. Climb up to the Clocktower of Andronicus Cyrrhestes. Get inside Fethiye Museum to see Byzantine mosaics. This is a former Pammakaristos Orthodox Church, and the main part now functions as a mosque. 

Check the postcard of the city, Amyntas rock graves and many Lycian tombs around the city. Add Rock Tombs of the ancient city of Kaunos in Dalyan to your package of the ruins tour.  

Try paragliding over the Blue Lagoon at the Oludeniz Beach. Sail with a tender to Fethiye’s Kelebekler Vadisi, or Butterfly Valley, a remote beach only accessible by boat.

Travel to another giant fulfilling resort city of Marmaris. Sail to the neighboring island of Rhodes, and visit the castle in Rhodes town, the former home of the Knights Hospitaller.  

Test your physique at Lycian way trail.

Marvel at the Telmessus theater with wide views of the rocky hilly area. Visit Letoon, sanctuary of Leto near the ancient city Xanthos. Check Tlos, an ancient ruined Lycian hilltop citadel, one of the oldest and largest settlements of Lycia. 


Ancient Tlos in Fethiye region is where the winged horse Pegasus of mythology comes from.

Many sanctuaries and temples of the area were dedicated to the goddess Leto, and her children, Apollo and Artemis.