A gem of Montenegro, with 17 beautiful beaches around the coast. Vibrant nightlife, medieval Old Town (Stari Grad), museums, cafes and boutiques. Here you may actually get a glimpse of what “Polako” really means.


  • No matter the season or weather, explore the Old Town. The best Budva sightseeing happens here: Cozy streets, lots of cafes and restaurants, tiny shops. It is busy from early in the morning to well into the night.
  • Visit the medieval fortress of St. Mary in Budva (Citadel), right in the center of the Old Town, the pride and postcard-like symbol of Budva.
  • If you are in the mood to learn more about this ancient region’s culture and history visit the Archaeological Museum.
  • Go to the famous islands of Sveti Nikola and Sveti Stefan. Here you might see some celebrities and get some unforgettable experiences.
  • Within minutes by foot of old town Budva and the city centre, you’ll find the right way by passing the famous Ballerina Statue, where you will see the Mogren 1 & 2 with crystal clear water and sandy beaches.
  • This one is for the hardy. If you enjoy hiking, go to the Krapina Village café. A good alternative to relaxing by the sea. The road is very narrow, with sharp turns and steep cliffs.
  • And for the adrenaline lovers be sure to visit the Budva Paragliding center for a bunch of unforgettable moments and emotions.
  • There are many different outdoor activities, from hiking and cycling to diving, rafting, and even paragliding and bungee jumping. The town is home to many tour operators and diving centers that offer excursions of all kinds.

You would be interested to read what “Polako” means. It is a call to be less nervous, reduce the emotional component, "turn on your head", act more thoroughly, step by step. This wisdom experienced Montenegrins pass on to the young when they say "polako" to them.



Food in Budva is quite delicious. From seafood to pizza, gyros and of course with some traditional Balkan dishes. Here you can find something to eat for any fussy eaters. Visit the most famous restaurant “Jadran”, located right on the beach, closer to the Old Town. Please note that in some places the portions are actually huge.

As legend says the founder of Budva is a mythical character Cadmus.

When Zeus abducted Europe, Agenor sent his sons to seek out their sister and ordered them not to return to their homeland without her. To find his sister Cadmus sacrificed a cow, that had a white sign in the shape of a full moon. However, the sacrifice could not be done without the water, so Cadmus sent some of his companions to a nearby spring. A fierce dragon, the son of Ares, who became angry and killed Cadmus’companions, guarded the spring. Cadmus killed the dragon, for that he and his wife Harmony, were expelled from the city of Thebes, and went to live with the Encheleans, leaving the throne to his grandson Pentheus. It was said that the town of Butoe (Budva) was named after the heard of oxen that pulled the car with Cadmus and Harmony into the land of Illyrians.