The second largest Maltese island, charming and magical Gozo, is not among the first destinations a tourist thinks of while planning a trip to Malta. Rural landscapes, marina views, fortifications and peaceful charm of serenity are the trademarks of this hidden gem. Come and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this island of calamity with its clear waters and traditional Gozotan lifestyle and cuisine.

Tourism & Activities

Visit the powerful citadel in Rabat (also known as Victoria), the capital city of Gozo. This fortified town is small, but proudly stood throughout its long history. Historians still don’t know for sure who built this fortress originally, but it started to look more like we see it now during the Aragonese period. Go upstairs and enjoy the incomparably beautiful view. Take a walk inside and visit citadel prison and try Gozitan cuisine in one of the restaurants.

Admire the prehistoric collection of the Gozo Museum of Archeology, where you can marvel at the remains of the settlements in Gozo from Neolithic period up to the appearance of the Knights of St John.

Visit Christian temples of Gozo of different historical periods, from 17th century to modern neoclassical ones: the Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta Pinu near Gharb, baroque Citadella Cathedral and Zebbug church, second oldest church of Gozo.

Head west and go to Gharb and get to see the harbor in Dwejra. Rent a traditional Maletese fishing boat and explore the magical beauty Inland Sea.

Go for a walk and take a look at the magnificent Dwejra Tower built by the Christian Knights to protect Malta from the Ottomans.

Visit the ancient Neolithic Ggantija temples built thousands years ago before the Great Sphinx of Giza and even Stonehenge. Don’t forget to visit Xaghra Circle located nearby to see a necropolis built around 6000 years ago.

Go to the famous Calypso’s cave on the other side of Xaghra or Tal-Mixta Cave and enjoy the mesmerizing sea views.

Gaze at the milky way on a warm summer night in Xweejni in Qbajjar.


Go snorkeling at the rocky Xatt-I-Ahmar Bay beach.

Enjoy the picturesque views at Xlendi bay. This sandy beach is surrounded by beautiful rocks.

Look for the prettiest pebble at Dahlet Qorrot Bay beach.

Sunbathe and enjoy the sun at the one of the most popular Gozo beaches at Marsalforn Bay.

Enjoy the beauty of nature at the secluded Mgarr ix-Xini beach or Ghasri Valley beach.

Food and drinks

Savor the rich tastes of traditional Gozitan cuisine. Try pastizzi, cheese and pastry snack with ricotta or mashed peas, rabbit stew, imquaret – deep-fried pastry with dates filling.

Go to Il-Kartell restaurant and have a relaxibg dinner the Marsalfon bay.

Have a traditional Gozitan meal and buy local products like honey, goat cheese and marmalade at It-Tokk in Victoria.

Enjoy local traditional food in the historical building of La Stanza Bar & Restaurant near the citadel.

The legends of Gozo reflect the rich cultural legacy of the island and are set in different historical periods.

The most famous one is the legend of Calypso. Calypso was the daughter of the Titan Atlant, the nymph of Ogygia island. Her name is translated from Greek as “she who conceals”. According to the legend described in Homer’s Odyssey Odysseus’s ship got wrecked in a storm on the way back to Ithaca, leaving the hero alone on the shores of Ogygia island, which many believe to be the island of Gozo. The mesmerizingly beautiful nymph lured him in a cave. She detained Odysseus on Ogygia for 7 years and gave birth to two children from him. The nymph even promised him immortality and eternal youth, but the hero still decided to go home.

Another famous legend is connected to the Chapel of San Dimitri. The legend takes places in the 16th century, the period when Ottoman corsairs enslaved the Gozitan population. The son of an old Gozitan lady was taken by the pirates. She ran to San Dimitri Chapel and started praying and promised to light a lamp in the chapel. The saint heard her desperate prayers, got out of the painting and brought the boy back safely, and the grateful old lady kept the lamp in the church lit.