Small island with black sand beaches and one of the most unusual volcanoes on planet Earth, located near the north side of Sicily. At Stromboli you can: swim, dive, hike and climb the volcano.


  • Arrive on the island by hydrofoils and ferries that depart from San Vincenzo’s port, Milazzo, Messina and Naples.
  • At sunset explore the safest peaceful volcano Sciara del Fuoco that’s been erupting for over 2000 years. It is an absolute must see, the main tourist attraction on the island before dark. Take a 400 m climb to an observation point. From this observation point you can enjoy, from a more distant view, the beauty of the explosions of Stromboli.
  • Take pictures at the Strombolicchio island with the most beautiful Lighthouse and scenery.
  • Take a walk through San Vicenzo, San Bartolo and Piscità – three local communities where most residents live.
  • Take a guided tour to Stromboli’s summit around the lower half of the volcano.
  • Go to the next level by choosing between many hiking routes. It takes three to four hours to walk to Stromboli’s summit. Although the peak is currently closed, hikers can still take guided tours around the lower half of the volcano.
  • Here you can also visit the Museum of Cinema, dedicated to the films that have been shot on the island.

Food and Shopping

  • Try the Stromboli signature dish – a savoury pastry pizza filled with meat, cheese, and other ingredients with options for vegetarians.
  • Visit Il Solleone for costume jewellery, clothing and craftwork, the Nave in Piazza for books, clothing.
  • Gioacchino at Ficogrande is the best and most popular boutique on the island. There you may find linen garments and popular pictures painted on glass by the German artist Jurgen Werner and ceramics of Caltagirone by Alessi.

Stromboli ascended from the sea about 160,000 years ago. Since then, the volcano never was quiet for too long. Volcanic eruptions occur very frequently, every 10 to 20 minutes. Geologists often use the word "Strombolian" to describe similar eruptive activity at other volcanoes.

The island gained disrepute after the war in 1949 due to the relationship between the director Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, the female lead in “Stromboli Land of God”. In Via Vittorio Emanuele, you may find a plaque commemorating the house where the two had their love affair.

Legend has it that Odysseus met the god Aeolus in Polyphemus' cave, which is actually located in the hills above and east of Sougia, along the coast from Paleohora. Aeolus gave him a leather bag made of oxhide containing strong winds that would easily guide him back to Ithaca.

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