Thassos' biggest super power is nature and tranquility. The next being traditions of old crafts.

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Clatter in traditional horse carriages in Limenas, island’s capital, and Skala Potania with short tours of the villages. Hike up to the Ancient Theater of Thassos high on a hilltop in Limenas. In the 1st century AD, the orchestra was transformed into an arena and the space was used for duels. Let your imagination fly at the ruins of the Gate of Zeus and Hera, which was the principal southern gate into the city in ancient times and the two main gate pillars had monumental reliefs portraying Zeus and Hera. Get on a worthy journey to the largest monastery on the island of Thassos, Archangel Michael Monastery. See what was the foundation of many Ancient Greek monuments at the Thassos White Marble Quarry. 

Get active on specially designed cycling routes for mountain biking around Thassos. Go for an adventure to Drakotrypa cave in Panagia, which got its name due to Stalactites and stalagmites mimicking the shape of a dragon. Observe the whole island and mainland as far as Mount Athos at the highest mountain peak of Thassos, Mount Ipsarion. Trek to a fantastic isolated small Lake of Thassos in the village of Maries, where swimming, fishing and camping are forbidden, but there are nearby waterfalls that make the scenery amazing and they are surrounded by dense pine trees.

Learn all about olives, and what makes Thassos variety so special, in Olive Oil Museum in Skala Prinos. Walk around 40 types of olive trees in the outdoor exhibition. Continue the theme at the Olive mill of Sotirelli in Panagia village. Seek out the Church of Panagia, famous for its wooden carved temple and ecclestiastical icons of the 14th century. Visit lovely old craftsmen workshops in the village of Theologos, declared a traditional settlement by Greece’s Ministry of Culture, such as the Cobbler’s house. 

In Odyssey, the Sirens tried to enchant Odysseus and take him away from the ship. Therefore, his crew tied him to the mast.

According to the myths, Thassos was a son of king Agenor from eastern Phoenicia. He sent all his sons to find their sister Europa, who was kidnapped by Zeus. Thassos discovered this island and settled down here.