The head island of all the Cyclades and Dodecaneses. The island is famous for its vast array of options for gastronomy and hidden caves and fortresses. The promenades and alleys of main towns will leave you breathless.

Fill yourself with cuteness at the Cat Garden on the northeast side of the capital, Ermoupolis or Syros. Get amazed at the medieval district of Ano Syros north of the capital, which was built amphitheatrically to protect itself from pirate invasions. Touch a blend of cultures and time periods whilst watching performances at the Theater of Apollo. Feel yourself like an aristocrat in the village of Dellagracia, in the town of Posidonia, walking around its mansions. 

Envelope in calmness and nature in the Botanical Garden in the village of Chroussa. Glance at the miracle of Saint Stefanos, a small chapel built inside a cave. Best accessed by sea, like with our tender. Built by a fisherman to repay god for saving him after his boat sank during a storm. 

Taste the famous cheese of Syros, San Mihalis, at the traditional village of Ai Mihalis. Delight yourself with more delicacies in the taverns of the seaside village of Galissas, like grilled octopus. The town hosts a big port and acts as a big resort with the largest beach on the island. Syros is known for its blend of Greek and Italian culture and cuisine, because many Italians moved to the island during Venetian times. 

Main myth of Syros is that its the birthplace of the God Hermes.

One more myth of Syros is about its first king, Koiranos. At one point he crashed in the sea between Paros and Naxos. Then a dolphin rescued him and brought him to a cave, now called Koiranion Andro. We can take you there on our tender.