Paxos and Antipaxos (meaning “opposite of Paxos”) are famous for wild tranquil Caribbean-esque beaches with translucent blue brightest waters, thickets of vineyards, thujas and olive trees reaching the sea.

Use the best way to reach Paxos and Antipaxos – by sailing! Since they have no airport and Antipaxos does not even have hotels!


Enjoy Caribbean-esque beaches and translucent blue brightest waters – the landmark of Antipaxos. Vountoumi and Vrika are main beaches. Do not miss the chance to get to a secluded beach with a tender. Get adventures and cross the whole island through thickets of vineyards and olives. Sit and watch the world go by, the boats coming in and out of the bay at a few nice taverns. Regale yourself with famous Black wine, made of special sort of grapes that grows only here.


Sail to the harbor of Gaios through the “knights” protecting the island – islets of Agios Nikolaos and Panagia. Take a tender to get to the castle of Agios Nikolaos on the summit of the isle of Agios Nikolaos. It was built according to the designs of Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century. Add music to your cruise at the International Classical Music Festival of Paxos in August.

Go kayaking among the caves of Mongonissi, which means a 5 kilometers series of caves. We are happy to provide you with kayaks and the jackets. Rejuvenate in thermal springs of Gianna, Glyfada and Ozia. Dive! Choose any locations like the cave of Angelos, the reef of Agrila, the rock of Petritis, the cave of Seals, the Cathedral cave, the tunnel of Ponda, the isle of Mogonisi, and the reef of Kaki Lagada – these are just some of the promising dive spots.

According to mythology, God Poseidon struck his trident to the island of Corfu that caused the formation of the tiny island Paxos. The island became Poseidon’s favourite refugee, as he did his secret romance with his beloved Amphitrite on Paxos.