Ouranopolis is the main starting point for visiting Mount Athos. Use the chance to stay at any of the 20 monasteries, many sketes and holy places of this special region, or go for an extreme hike to the summit of Mount Athos.

Use Ouranopolis as a gate to Athos region and your base for exploring the giant space of Halkidiki peninsula, which has all kinds of landscapes you can think of.  

Obtain the special permit, diamonitirion, to access Mount Athos autonomous region on the borders of Ouranopolis. We advise you to read all the specific criteria of the visit and to do it in advance at your location representative to guarantee receiving the invitation, instead of relying on one try once already in Ouranopolis. Despite a number of other rules, people of any religion or atheists are allowed. Running on Waves is proud to tell that we organised a pilgrimage cruise to Mount Athos, with a delegation that included a former astronaut. Patmos island and Athos and other major religious locations in Greece could be the pillars of your own pilgrimage cruise with us. Keep note that Athos area can only be entered by sea. Running on Waves ship had the chance to go herself to the port of Athos, Dafni, with a special mission. Otherwise, only ships of the Mount Athos Lines are allowed to get into territorial waters of Mount Athos.  Glance at the silver and jewel-encrusted reliquary belt called Cincture of the Theotokos in Vatopedi monastery in Athos. Wonder at other numerous architectural religious sites of Athos region, like St. Panteleimon Monastery. Get on a sea tour around Mount Athos, with spectacular views, that doesn’t require special papers or has any strict conditions. Tours go from Ouranoupolis, or you can observe the peninsula from the board of a ship or get closer with a tender. 

Enjoy utmost serenity at the beaches of Sithonia peninsula, which is opposite to Athos peninsula. Get amazed at the out of this world interior of Petralona cave. Sail to the beach resort island of Ammouliani. Explore beaches around one of Ouranopolis landmarks simply called the Tower. Hike in the Nature Preserve Area next to Ouranopolis, which contains the frankish castle Fragnokastro next to the monastery of Zygos. 

Choose your dinner spot among densely located various Ouranoupolis restaurants that serve full meze platters and seafood plates.  


One of the major battles of Greek mythology, Battle of the Titans, happened on Halkidiki peninsula. One of the smaller extensions of Halkidiki, Sithonia peninsula, was named after Sithona, son of Poseidon. And Mount Athos was named after the titan Athos.