Monemvasia is a Medieval Castle Town, exclusively carved on a huge rock looking as if it came down from a fairy tale.

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Get a first glimpse at Monemvasia from the port. The rock rises 100 meters above sea level. Pass through the causeway connecting Monemvasia to the mainland. “Mone emvasia” means "single entrance". Its nicknames include the Gibraltar of the East or The Rock. Get lost in the zigzagging alleys past castle Walls, among medieval mansions and 40 churches. Stroll to the central square to the Church of Elkomenos Christos that saved two thrones and rare icons. Observe the collection of Archaeological Museum housed in a well-preserved Muslim Mosque. Visit the church of Panagia Chryssafitissa - a spotlessly white 17th-century church. There is a holy spring under the church that is believed helps to get pregnant.

Climb to the highest point of Monemvasia to see 12th century Church of Agia Sofia rising above a dizzy cliff.

Try Greek Malvasia wine. In the 12-15th centuries this wine ruled Europe. Its name comes from Italian word "Malvasia" for Monemvasia, because it was a trading center. Or even take a tour to Monemvasia Winery G.Tsibidis & Co. Try local psarosoup and horopita pies with herbs in taverns.  Cooking psarosoup is a complicated 2 hour process.

Choose a beach from the surrounding area. Few are organized, while others are secluded. Pori beach offers a nice view of the rock of Monemvasia.

As far as scholars can tell, people didn’t start living on the island until the Medieval Period of Christianity. Maybe that is the reason why there are no myths.