Island of diversified landscapes with distinct aroma of the Mediterranean, an oasis of tranquility.

Get amazed by the unique architecture of Lakki and the colorful mansions of Agia Marina. Climb the four hundred steps from the village of Pandeli to visit the imposing Castle of Panagia, once occupied by the Knights of St John, with panoramic views of the surrounding areas. Observe the neat white windmills on your way to the castle. Walk to the exemplary sample of the italian eclecticism with both Roman and Gothic elements, the Belleni Tower. Get a nice little walk around the coast to the isolated small church of Agios Isidoros. Explore the history of the island’s battles inside one of the most interesting museums of Greece, the Tunnel War Museum. 

Get preoccupied with diving explorations and discover preserved historical treasures in the crystalline waters of the Aegean around Leros, the wrecks of the boats and planes. Bath at one of the many calm beaches of the island, Dyo Liskaria. Take a tender for an excursion to the small islands of Arki and Lipsi offshore Leros. 

Enter local establishments for big bites of squids and other fish of the Aegean at places like Mylos Fish restaurant in Agia Marina. 

Travel to the Jerusalem of the Aegean, the island of Patmos. Sail to the adrenaline paradise that is Kalymnos. 


According to mythology, Leros was the island of the goddess of hunting who visited the island regularly to hunt. The remnants of a sanctuary testify the worship to Artemis.

According to mythology, Leros is associated with the town of Calydon in Aetolia. During the reign of Oeneus in Calydon, the goddess Artemis sent a wild boar which laid waste to the fields and terrified the locals. At that time, Meleager, a mythical hero and son of Oeneus and Althaea, succeeded to the throne and then killed this animal.

Nevertheless, Artemis regarded the slaying of the boar as an insult and profane. This is why she took revenge on Meleager by planning his early death. However, the intense grief of Meleager’s sisters over his death brought about the goddess’s sympathy. So Artemis took them to Leros and transformed them into birds, the well-known Meleagrides.