Kefalonia welcomes you with the world's best beaches, rare Caretta-caretta turtles and wild Black Mountain. Mystery seems to live everywhere here: in caves with underground rivers, with sacred snakes coming to Lagouvarda monastery, and at archeological findings.

Enjoy the most famous Kefalonian beach Myrtos  - one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.  Take our tender to reach numerous secluded beaches. Imagine this very special chance!

See famous Caretta caretta turtle nests on many of the Kefalonia beaches.

Take a boat tour into the Melissani cave. It features an underground lake filled with brilliant blue water from an underground current which mysteriously flows right under the island. 

Visit the monastery of Panagia Lagouvarda, famous for harmless snakes, which appear in the area every year on August 15th in full accordance with the legend of the monastery, when nuns turned into snakes fleeing enemies. 

Check the 16th century Castle of Assos, one of the most formidable castles of it’s time. 

Admire a fantastic view at Castle of Saint George, which sits at the hilltop. 

Glaze at  the mystically moving rock of Kounopetra.

Visit Fiscardo fishing village. Intact original Venetian buildings will take you back to old times. 

Hike to Komitata village, where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin movie scenes were filmed.

Watch a sunset or a fool moon at the Lighthouse of Agioi Theodori.

Enjoy a biking or hiking tour amidst black firs and cypresses at the grandiose slopes of Mt. Aenos and be rewarded with awesome views of Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. 

Ask us to organize a tour to a private vintage cars collection. Take photos in cult Alfa Romeo or Mini models of the first release. Unique option only for our passengers.   

Test cultural delights with Kefalonia delicious wines, local meat pies (kreatopita) and olives. 

Savour the best organic food on the island in En Kefallinia Farm Restaurant. 



It is believed that the island is named after the mythical hero Cephalus, or Kefalos, who is claimed to be the island's first king. Legends about Cephalus include the story of him defeating the immortal king of Taphians, Pterelaus, and he also happened to be kidnapped for a time by the goddess of dawn Eos.

Possible switcheroo in the ancient past with the island's name and the nearby Ithaki gives grounds to say that it is in fact the homeland of another ancient hero, Odysseus. In addition, Odysseus is believed to be the direct descendant of Cephalus.

People of Kefalonia, or Cephalonia, honored many ancient greek heroes and gods. Traces from the Temple of Apollo can still be found in Skala. The age and diversity of historical sites will astonish you!