Kavala’s advantageous location on the northeastern Aegean coast made it a major port city, which was founded by an expanding Thassos Island kingdom. And St. Paul began his first European mission when he disembarked at Kavala.

The myths and traditions connect Mount Pangeon with Dionysus and Orpheus. This is the place that, according to Greek mythology, Dionysus, the god of wine, was brought up. Here is where the unfortunate Orpheus was devoured by the Maenads. And finally, this is where the tragic myth of King Likourgos took place, who was punished for inconsiderably and arrogantly opposing the worship of Dionysus.

The eighth labour of Heracles was to deliver alive wild man-eating horses to Eurystheus. Abderus, a friend of Heracles, decided to help him. After several days of travelling, Heracles arrived at Thasos and from there to the opposite coast. When they arrived at the palace of Diomedes and the stables where the horses were kept, Heracles killed all the guards, took the horses to the shore near the ship and assigned Abderus to watch them over. When Heracles returned to the shore and to the ship he found something terrible; the wild horses had devoured Abderus. Full of sorrow, Heracles buried his friend at this very site where he built a city naming it Abdera and instituted annual games in his honour.

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