Euboea is the 2d largest island of Greece. It contains not only various landscapes, like mountains, rivers’ gorges, waterfalls, wetlands, dense forests, large vineries and endless beaches; but also archeological sites, over 80 monasteries and churches and the biggest SPA town in Greece. Sail here to witness mysteries of Dragon houses, Petrified Forest and changing tides

Sail to port Chalkis to:

Start from the capital city of Evia - Chalkis. Do not miss the seaside promenade, museums, the Red house, Ottoman Mosque, Town hall and 17TH century Ottoman-Venetian Fortress of Karambambas.

Watch the rare phenomenon of tide shifting on the bridge over Euripus Strait: every 6 hours waters “freezes” and then changes direction. 

Ascend to Dirfyos Mountain through chestnut, oak and fir trees, springs and streams, to get a panoramic view of Aegean and Euboean Gulf on the summit.

Buy local tea, oregano, cheese, honey, pasta on the market in Steni village – a popular resort.

Drive to Kymi town for a panoramic view from the balcony of the Aegean, delicious fresh fish and handmade baklava and almond pastry. Remember to visit the Castle of Koupa.

Visit the 16th century fortified Monastery of Metamorphose Sotiros. Nuns do embroidery with gold treads and hagiography.


Drive to the north from Chalkis to:

View plants that witnessed sabre-toothed tigers in the Petrified Forest of Kerasia: 10-25 million years ago volcano magma flooded the forest and perfectly conserved it. 

Treat yourself in Aidipsos – the most important SPA town of Greece with more than 80 spring sources.

Ascend from the Waterfalls of Drymonas to the peak of Xiro Oros to view Mount Olympos and Parnassus.

Aim to the Village of Limni to walk around the alleys with white tiled roof houses, watch a movie in the summer open air cinema and try specialties: bonito baked on tile and keskeki (a pork dish).

Dedicate a day to the Archaeological Site of Eretria – large archaic town. View:

  • the temple of Apollo Daphnephoros – important religious center, 
  • the Temple of Isis - a place to worship Egyptian deities, 
  • the House of Mosaics with preserved mosaics depicting mythological scenes, 
  • the Tomb of Erotes – vaulted burial chamber, and the ancient theatre.


Sail to Karystos port to:

Climb to Castle of Castello Rosso to view Mount Ochi where Zeus and Hera were making love according to myths. 

Descend to Karystos town  and award yourself with a gold medal winning Montofoli Winery and beautiful beaches Psili Ammos and Potami.

Guess about the use of Dragon Houses (Drakospita) – a group of 20 mysterious structures built in supervisory positions with large blocks of stone and without the use of mortar. 

Visit byzantine architecture women monastery of Agios Nikolaos. Nuns manufacture Persian carpets here and you can stay overnight in a cell.

Sail in spring to catch the blossoms in Kastanaloggos - an ancient chestnut forest and a declared area of special natural beauty. It also has thrilling off-road routes.

Take a deep breath of forest air filled with scents of wild flowers, chestnut and pine in the Gorge of Dimosaris. Let the cobblestone path take you to the springs and waterfalls.

Behold raging sea on Cavo D’Oro cape. Cavo D’Oro mountain range together with Andros island form the straits of Kafireas - dangerous passage that drowned many ships in the past. 

and Bicycle through the kaleidoscope of traditional  mountainous villages to view bridges, waterfalls, windmills.

Euboea was separated from the mainland by a blow of Poseidon’s trident.

Precious Aedipsos waters were created by Hephaestus hammer beat as a favor to Goddess Athena who believed the springs would keep Hercules healthy and strong.

Euboea is among possible birthplaces of goddess Hera. She was probably raised on Mount Ochi by the nymph Makri.

Ancient Euboeanians also worshiped Hecatoncheires - giants with fifty heads and one hundred arms. They were offspring of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia(Earth), who helped Zeus overthrow the Titans. One of them was a ruler in Carystus, another one was a father of Euboea, after whom the island took its name.