Extend your journey of ancient sites near Corinth from the Ancient Corinth to the top of the hill to Acrocorinth fortress.

Just imagine yourself in in the 50s AD (Romans rule) in immensely wealthy and powerful Corinth:

Entering massive gates, going through the wide main street sided with fountains to busy trade rows on the marketplace,

Going through a gateway with two gilded chariots carrying Helius and his son.

Drinking from the Fountain of Peirene – sacred spring enclosed in white marble with  arches and arcades and spacious courtyard.  

Taking a SPA in Eurycleia bathes.

Witnessing Saint Paul preaching in Bema - the public platform. Or writing letters that now are parts of the Bible.

Watching Roman plays in a 100 meter theatre,

Betting on the hippodrome,

Chatting politics in the yard near the fountain of Glauke with three pools and four tanks.

Watching healers working in Asclepion.

Buying pottery in the quarter of Potters.

Following the marble-paved road to the gem of Corinth - Temple of Apollo.

Ascend upon the hill to Acrocorinth with a luxurious and vicious temple of Aphrodite. Acrocorinth was fortified by Greeks and then endlessly refortified by Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, and Turks.