Corfu, the most green Greek island verdurous with old olive and pine trees, holds you with emerald waters of its many-faced beaches and entices you with its old town through Italian and French squares, and ancient fortresses and temples.

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Explore Corfu town, reminiscent of Naples city in Italy.

Walk along the Liston street inspired by Paris Rue di Rivoli.

Play cricket on the Square of Spionada, the largest square in Balkans, that looks like Royal Gardens of Europe.

Listen to a musical concert in the 15th century Old Fortress of Corfu. 

Make sure Corfu was impregnable whilst having a defensive triangle formed with castles of Aggelokastro (on the highest point of Corfu),  Kassiopi and Gardiki.

Meet the best sunset on Corfu in Pelekas Village.

Watch Corfiots carry around the city the relics of Agios Spyridonas from the cathedral Church.

Visit the Palace of Achillion, favorite residence of Elisabeth of Bavaria, else known as Sissi, the Empress of Austria.  She decorated the garden with statues of Olympian Gods and mythical hero Achilles.

Walk around the deserted mountainous village of Palia Perithia. 

Rent a boat to get to the isle of Pondikonissi, believed to be the Odyssey’s ship, transformed by Poseidon, or so the myths say. 

Make your best photo shots on Kanoni island.

Discover how strikingly different are Corfu beaches:

Canal d' Amour beach has a unique rock formations that form a series of wonderful coves and canals, 

Afionas is picturesque and verdant,  

Agios Georgios Pagon is very peaceful, 

And popular Paleokastritsa has cold waters and excellent view.

Take a tour to the Blue Lagoon bay near Sivota to enjoy Maldivian-like blue waters.

Savour local specialties: bourdetto, a dish made with scorpion fish or salty cod accompanied from red pepper sauce, and tsigarelli, a dish made with wild herbs with garlic and paprika.

Corfu's Greek name, Kerkyra or Korkyra came from a beautiful nymph Korkyra, daughter of river God Asopos. Poseidon fell in love with Korkyra, abducted her and brought her to this island. They had a child they called Phaiax, after whom the inhabitants of the island were named Phaiakes, in Latin Phaeaciani. 

In the Homeric epic of Odysseus, Paleokastritsa beach in Corfu is considered to be the place where Odyssey disembarked escaping from Calypso and met princess Nautika who helped him.

Corfu also marks the Argonauts' refuge from the avenging Colchic fleet, after their seizure of the Golden Fleece.