Astypalea is a small, butterfly-shaped island, peaceful and not touristy. Here you will find numerous secluded beaches, Hora village on the slope of the hill, crowned with Venetian Querini Castle, and perfect nature for rock climbing and mountain biking.

Observe both wings of Astypalea from the Beach of Steno, which lies on the thin strip of land, separating eastern and western parts. 

Walk up the labyrinthine alleys of Hora (it’s a usual name for Greek island capitals) with cubic whitewashed houses with blue windows, wooden balconies, churches, narrow alleys and windmills.

Overlook Hora from the Venetian castle Querini. Inside the defensive walls there are the church of Megali Panagia, the Tower of Saray and whitewashed churches with blue domes - Panagia Kastriani and Agios Georgios.

Visit the remotest beach of Astypalea  - Vathy. It’s long and sandy. 

Take a boat excursion to the cave of Drakospilia - a cave with stalactites and stalagmites, where  pirates possibly were hiding. 

Visit the church of Panagia Poulariani - solitary church on the rocky hill, protecting sailors.

Walk through the “Table of Gods” – that is how locals call fertile Livadia Village with citrus groves, tangerine and orange trees.

Go to the fishing village Maltezana for fresh fish dinner on the sunset and for incredible full moon night views. Maltezana probably got its name from Maltese pirates settled here.

Take our tender to access the fortress of Agios Ioanni. Standing on the highest point of Astypalea it offers the best sunsets. Legend says the fortress has a secret passageway to the next hill. 

Go hiking on the numerous special paths to get to hinterland villages, churches and breathtaking views without any single tourist to share.

Aim to Astypalea if you are into Mountain biking and rock climbing. Wild topography and limestone rocky terrain are ideal for rock climbing. There are 20 tracks of varying difficulty equipped with stainless M10 plugs.

Choose a beach for your taste. Some beaches are easy to access while many others are secluded and unorganized. But all of them are quiet and have clean water.

Try local specialties: pougia (cheese pie with honey), arantista (lentils with shredded dough), goat stuffed with rice and chlori (cheese).

According to myths, Astypalea and Europe (mother of king Minos) were the daughters of Phoenix and Perimidis. Astypalea was abducted by Poseidon in the form of a winged fish-tailed leopard; this union resulted in the birth of Ancaeus, King of Samos, and Eurypylos, King of Kos.