As you move along this manmade miracle, your feelings are overwhelming. The ship literally glides through the infinite desert, sands encompass you, and your sight sometimes captures emerald oases or small fishing boats, which seem to have not changed since the times of pharaohs.


Watch the large ships from all over the world passing by the famous Suez Canal. Walk around the beautiful Ganayen district. The name translates as ‘Gardens’, and it serves true. Visit the legendary luxurious gardens of Ain Musa oasis, mentioned in the Book of Exodus in the Bible. Explore Serabit el-Khadim area, where the ancient Egyptians mined for turquoise and the remains of the Temple of Hathor, the mistress of turquoise and protector of the region. Learn about the history of Egypt at the Suez National Museum. Go surfing under professional supervision at the 360 Kitesurfing Centre. Enjoy the marine scenery at the Fin & Dagger, otherwise known as Ras Sudr. Book a day tour on Egypt Excursions Online and visit the iconic pyramids. Relax and take a moment of quiet joy at the Warm Spa Sokhna. Explore the majestic nature along the river of Nile and the Suez canal with Egypt Shore Excursions Tours. Swim with dolphins at The Kite Buzz. Hire a boat from the Egypt Sunmarine - Sukhna and give yourself full freedom in exploring harbor waters. Book a daily trip around Suez with a professional guide from the Egypt Excursions Online. Get onto one of the Emo Tours of Egypt and watch big birds in their natural habitat. See the beautiful Pilgrims Village mosque with your own eyes. Relax, swim and sunbathe at one of the many beaches of Ain El Soukhna at the southern part of the city.

Food and drinks

Enjoy the cozy vibe and European lunch at the IL Gusto Ristorante Italliano. Taste the local cuisine from the Koshary Misr Palace. Load your plate with high-quality seafood at the El Khalifa Fish Center. Take a bite of delicious fried squid at the New Dolphin, one of the oldest seafood restaurants. Order Lovers oven-baked pizza at the Pizza Shakshok. Visit the luxurious Gambarina restaurant for the private or romantic dinner and taste the local cuisine. Take a sip of flavorful and delicious mango, carrot orange and pomegranate juice freshly made at the Mangawy. Watch ships while having lunch at the seaside restaurants. Book a food tour at the Cheese House. Have a drink at the Mercure Marine while you wait for a marine adventure.

Suez nightlife and bars

Dance through the night at the Clique Beach Club. Meet both the locals and the tourists at the top club at the Suez GOGO PS ELSHOHDA.

Once upon a time the Great Egyptian Empire covered the lands wide and far from the river Nile. The Egyptian pharaohs were believed to be Sun god descendants and after death they were treated with great respect and nobility. Their bodies were mummified and buried under giant pyramid structures.

It is believed that after Egypt broke into shards of its former glory and first treasure hunters started to rob the tombs of ancient kings, the spirit of pharaohs became angry and vengeful. They promised to kill any adventurer who would dare to enter the place of their final rest and steal their belongings. Until this day it is believed that pharaohs should be left in their tombs in order to avoid their vengeance.

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