Northern gate of the Suez Canal. The Canal Authority building amuses visitors with pastel colors. Historic Housing District is a fine mix, and even the train station is a massive work of art.

Port Said is a rather young and energetic big city at the Nile delta, situated on the north of the famous Suez Canal and a twin city to Port Faud. Since its foundation in 1859, Port Said offers a mix of all cultures and presents the best qualities be it food, art or people. The famous writer of “The Jungle Book” Rudyard Kipling once said "If you truly wish to find someone you have known and who travels, there are two points on the globe you have but to sit and wait, sooner or later your man will come there: the docks of London and Port Said". So buckle up your diving gear and explore the charm and the laid-back vibe of this authentic and unique city.

Tourist sites

Visit the famous Suez Canal, a major shipping route for ships from all over the world. Learn more about city building and the Egyptian history at the Port Said Military Museum. Visit the marvelous lighthouse of Port Said, built in 1869. Marvel at the fabulous pieces and explore local arts at the El Nasr Museum of Modern Art in Egypt. Take a look at the grand Port Said Martyrs Memorial built in the Egyptian obelisk style. Go to the fish market and shop for the catch of the day. Explore the Egyptian land and the ancient buildings with Ramasside Tours. Get onto one of the Emo Tours of Egypt and watch big birds in their natural habitat. Book a daily trip around Port Said with a professional guide of Excursions Online Port Said, Egypt Shore Excursions and Nile Blue Excursions. Visit the magnificent landmarks with Golden Egypt Tours. Take a walk around one of the many parks – the Farma park, the Ferial park, the Khazamat park and many more. Take a look at the game of the local football’s team, Al-Masry SC, at their home stadium, Al Masry Club Stadium. Take a tour to the beautiful national park Ashtoum el-Gamil. Listen to classical or Arabic music at the Por Said Opera house.

The beaches of Port Said have many jellyfish, so it might be a better idea to go swimming there in the middle of spring. The coast of the town is very quiet comparing to the Red Sea coast and Alexandria, making it a unique and charming experience.

Food and drinks

The regional cuisine of Port Said is quite similar to other coastal Egyptians cuisines. Here you can try kofte grilled meatballs, tasty Egyptian coffee and many sweets. Satisfy your sugar and ice cream cravings at the Lord Sweets. Enjoy the authentic Italian cuisine at the Pizza Pino. Grab a fast snack at Moodz, a quality fast food store with a wide choice of both western and eastern meals. Have a marine dinner at the luxurious El Borg Restaurants for seafood. Order yourself a cup of hot Egyptian coffee and spend time with your friends at the Central Perk, designed after its famous twin from “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” TV show. Pick your favorite dessert at the Gianola cafe, full of cakes and fresh milkshakes. Enjoy delicious burgers and fries at the High Burger. Taste authentic kofta at the one of the best places for grilled food and seafood, Abdou Kofta. Enjoy the marine scenery while having your healthy seafood lunch at the Kastan. Try new prawn and crab recipes for affordable prices at the Ibn Hamido. Enjoy the fresh breeze at the Doaiah Beach & Kite Club, located right next to the sea. Have a friendly getaway with your friends and family at the Portobello Lounge. Treat yourself with the Carribean cuisine at the El Rokn El Shamy.

Port Said nightlife and bars

Have a drink and meet new people at the Drinkies Port Said. Spend the night dancing at the Sayed Billiardo Club. Get yourself to know local nightlife at the Sleepless nights Port Said Hall. Enjoy radiant colors and drinks at the friendly Pete's Pub.


El-Sel’awa, the mysterious wolf-jackal-fox hybrid of a creature is believed to live in the mountains, desert, and the remote places of Egypt. It actually originated in the times of the Pharaohs, when it was told that this creature attacked anyone who tried to trespass on a temple or graveyard. In more modern times, our grandparents would tell you quite a different story. One that includes a man and his wife, and his wife’s sister who transformed into the Sel’awa every night.

The two women would go out in secret every night to dig up people from their graves and eat their remains. When the man followed them once and saw what they were, he confronted his wife the next day and she was furious but kept him alive for the sake of their two children, then forever disappeared along with her sister.