Established by Alexander the Great in around 332 BC on the site of a small village. Montazah palace was once the summer home of the Egyptian royal family and now houses a museum in their honor. Built to a Turkish and Italian architectural design, it stands in some of the prettiest gardens in Alexandria. Qaitbay Citadel was built in the 15th century on the site of the Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


Embrace the world history and art exhibitions in Bibliotheca Alexandrina, modern version of Library of Alexandria, built near the place of the original building. See the luxurious greenery and flowers blooming at the Montazah Gardens of king Faruk, the last Egyptian pharaoh. Visit the famous Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, the historical archaeological site and the burial place of many people. Enjoy the sight of ancient accessories in the Royal Jewelry Museum. Feast your eyes on the scenic marine view from Fort Qaitbey, standing at the place of the Pharos lighthouse. Examine the archaeological exhibitions of Alexandria National Museum and see the history from Prehistoric times to the Middle ages. Take amazing photos from the Stanley Bridge and enjoy the sea line sunset on one side and the beautiful city of Alexandria on another. Take a stroll with your friends or family along the Corniche boardwalk with a variety of shops, bars and cafes next to it. See the historic Lighthouse of Alexandria. Visit the ruins of the Ancient Roman amphitheater of white and grey marble, built in the second century AD. Relax on a sunny day at the Antoniades garden, full of antique sculptures, ancient ruins and greenery. See the magnificent architecture of the old Sidi Bishr mosque. Visit the Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox cathedral, the seat of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarch until 1968 and enjoy the colorful icons and mosaics. Take a relaxing walk in the beautiful Royal park. Take a night hiking tour to the Baharaya Oasis.

The Mediterranean region is famous for its beautiful beaches, and Alexandria is no exception here

Al Montazah beach offers clear waters and many recreational activities. Located in the upscale district, it has many cafes and restaurants nearby too. Maamoura beach is clean and tranquil. San Stefano beach is relaxing and offers shallow waters, making it a perfect place for families with children. Cleopatra beach is perfect for meeting sunsets and fishing.

Food and drinks

The regional cuisine of Alexandria is quite similar to the other Mediterranean cuisines, but has some uniqueness to it. For example, here you can try fool (feiaafeia) bean paste with lemon and herbs, kushar dish, made of pasta, lentils and beans with hot sauces and semolina cakes. Don’t miss the opportunity to try local coffee too! Visit the number one bar in popularity ratings, the Cigar bar for excellent cocktails and delicious food. Savor an authentic taste of the country’s unique cuisine at the Santorini Greek restaurant. Satisfy your Mediterranean taste at the Sahar El-Laialy Lebanese restaurant. Satiate your craving of Asian and seafood cuisine at the vegan-friendly Ginger Asian restaurant. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Roberto's Italian restaurant, cozy and elegant at the same time. Feast on European and American cuisine at the La Gourmandise restaurant and cafe. Have a healthy dinner at the Massala Zone Indian restaurant. Try some of the most delicious meat and seafood barbeques at the Balbaa village. Enjoy a port view at the White and Blue restaurant while having a Greek lunch of your choice.

Alexandria nightlife and bars

Dance all night long and socialize at the Jacks club. Dive into the nightlife experience at the NEO Lounge Alexandria, the sports bar with a trendy fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine as well as fine wines and night dancing. Have a few cocktails and socialize at the Shahryar Night Club. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the Mirage bar and nightclub. Embrace yourself in the local music at the Lorantos.


Many people in modern days know about the destroyed Library of Alexandria, but the true myth appreciators will tell you the story of the Separeum temple, the biggest and the best known temple of the Serapis, the Greco-Egyptian deity of the sun, fertility and healing. The temple was so magnificent and full of architectural beauty that more and more people went to see it and stayed forever as priests, charmed by the Sun Lord Serapis. The fame and glory of the temple travelled wide and far and attracted the attention of Theophilus, the zealous Christian patriarch, who was also a violent opponent of all non-Christian religions. He levelled the Separeum with ground, destroying irreplaceable collections of classical literature, pieces of art and historical scrolls.