Korčula Old Town, also known as mini Dubrovnik, is the place where Marco Polo is believed to be born.

Stroll around the very well preserved Old Town. Its structure resembles a fishbone. 

St Mark's Cathedral: Under the stone ciborium in the cathedral, there is an altarpiece by the Venetian Renaissance master Jacopo Tintoretto dating to 1550. Enjoy the view from the bell tower.

Bishop’s Treasury: There’s a decent collection of artefacts, including church manuscripts from the 12th to 15th centuries, religious paintings, coins, pottery and more.

KORČULA town museum: Find out more about the history and cultural achievements of the town of Korčula through 11 collections displayed in the Towm museum.

Visit the Interpretation Centre Marco Polo. Korcula claims to be his birthplace.

Visit small quite villages. For example, Račišće, a picturesque village with a centuries-old maritime tradition, is located in a beautiful bay.

Busk on the only sandy beach of the island Vela Przina in Lumbarda.

Take a boat to explore the archipelago of Korčula for secluded beaches and pristine nature.

Try authentic cuisine full of flavor in a Michelin restaurant Konoba Mate.

The island of Korcula, located in southern Croatia, is steeped in history and myth. Legend has it that the island was founded by the Trojan hero Antenor, who fled to the Adriatic after the fall of Troy. As the story goes, he arrived on the island with a group of settlers, and they founded the town of Korcula.

But the myths don't stop there. It is also said that the island is home to the Moreska, a traditional dance that tells the story of a battle between two kings over a beautiful woman. The dance is said to have originated in North Africa and was brought to the island by the Moors. It is performed every year in Korcula town, and the locals take great pride in their unique cultural heritage.

Korcula is also said to be the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo. According to legend, Polo was born in the town of Korcula in the 13th century, and the house where he was born still stands today. Many believe that Polo's travels to China and other parts of Asia inspired his famous book, "The Travels of Marco Polo."

Whether it's the legendary origins of the island, the traditional Moreska dance, or the birthplace of Marco Polo, Korcula is a fascinating destination that captures the imagination of all who visit.